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Anal glands

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Hi everyone, 

I know this is not the nicest of topics but I have a question and would like some advice.

Billy had his glands expressed at the vet yesterday after they were full and irritated and seems to be doing great since.

However, this evening, he had a very small amount of leakage and he was quite distressed. My partner (used to be a dog groomer so had a little knowledge) cooled his butt down with some damp tissue and he seemed better. She then checked his glands to see if there was an issue but she found that they seemed fine.

My question is, is it normal to have a small leak after having hem expressed or should we go back to the vet?

Thanks in advance!


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When the glands are working properly, there should be a little of the fluid expressed when the dog poops (or is frightened). I had a boy that pooped on puppy pads when the weather was bad, and you often could see the fluid hit the pad before anything else did.

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Thanks for the reply KF.

Yeah I have noticed a slight drip when he poops normally but this was just when we were relaxing indoors, he kinda jumped up and that’s when we noticed a tiny dribble but we weren’t sure if it was because he might have been a bit sore since having them expressed or something like that.

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