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Moving to higher altitude location- effects on greyhounds?

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Hello all! My husband and I  moved with our hound Pablo (5 years old; have had him for  6 months now) two days ago to Santa Fe, NM which is at 7200 ft elevation. We tried to make the move as smooth as possible for Pablo, but ever since we've moved into our new home, Pablo rarely leaves his crate and when he does, it is to eat/drink and walk only. Otherwise, he seems extremely lethargic and disinterested in us. We almost feel like he's acting the way he did when we first adopted him. I'm worried that the stress of moving and altitude change is affecting him. Has anyone else experienced something like this? How long did it last and what can I do to make him feel better? Thank you!

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I have no experience with high elevations but judging by my dogs, your boy may need more time to adjust to a new place. You could try to keep him on a schedule (breakfast, dinner, walks, etc at the same time) so that he knows what to expect throughout the day. 

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8 hours ago, GreytMom said:

I rarely leave my hotel room for my first few days there too. And I love it there! I get mild altitude sickness for a few days above 7000 ft and I believe dogs are susceptible also. Hoping for the best. 

don't want to hi-jack this but i too have the same problem....unless i take aspirins and electrolytes non-stop- even in the middle of the night and up your water intake- big time! try it, less time lying there in your hotel room feeling like you have the flu. i start before i arrive. i learned the hard way at the aspen music festival- i was deathly ill.

oh, dogs with pannus will be affected- pannus wise with the altitude. annie's eye dr. told us since we traveled out west with her.

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Thanks for your input everyone. I think it was a combination of elevation and a new home, but he is doing much better now and on his way to his old self again. :D I mixed in chicken broth with his dry food for the first two weeks to make sure he was getting additional fluids. 

The altitude is definitely tough out here. I'm just starting to feel comfortable with it, so I can imagine how tough it was for Pablo too!

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