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New Experience/Information about Proheart6??

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I recently got a communication from our vet that they are now giving Proheart6 shots.  For a variety of reasons, a non-pill and non-topical option would be appealing to me for my dogs.  But the most recent thread here I could find was from 2015.  I'm just wondering if anyone has more recent experience or a longer experience using it by now, and if opinions have changed regarding it's safety and advisability.


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My question to your vet would be what has changed since they had pulled it from the market years ago.  I also have a concern -what if the dog has a reaction to the injection ...if it has an extended 6 month release how is a reaction handled.  I think the injection is a great option for shelters to help protect a larger amount of dogs but, I personally would not be comfortable using Proheart when there are other options available.

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Hi!  I work for a vet office and we recently had a meeting about Proheart6 and Proheart12 (their new product).  Apparently the new formula is as safe as Heart Guard and Sentinel.  Our vets feel comfortable using it in patients that they know have not had any sensitivities to other heart worm or flea/tick medications in the past, but I haven't given it to my own grey yet.  I know we've been using Proheart6 for a couple years now with no issues, but again, our vets are selective about who they give it to.  I know Proheart12 has been used in Australia for about 2 decades now, so maybe someone from there would have more information for you!

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