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Another girl from Canidrome - Unknown Answers

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The following was written a few days after this Canidrome girl arrived at our home.


We were fortunate to have one of the Canidrome dogs “land” at our house.  Her name was Biggest Friendship and she was 10 years old. 


She had callouses on most of the bony protrusions on her body and she was rail thin. 


Her spay and dental were done just hours before we got her on 11/28/2018.  Her teeth were so bad she had to have 34 extractions.  Looking at the pre-dental pictures and I can’t imagine the pain she endured.  I have no idea how she ate.  When I saw her I burst into tears.  She looked so frail, afraid, and thin.


We were supposed to foster her until Greyhound Friends for Life could find her a home.  Placing a 10 y/o dog with questionable health is very difficult.


Her new name is Meyli which in Mandarin means “beautiful”.  (That took some looking up on the internet!) She is an absolute delight.  Everything is new to her and she bounces with happiness.  She gets along well with our other dogs including our alpha greyhound girl, Diva.


There have been numerous times she has made me giggle in the few days she’s been here.  At this very moment she is asleep on her bed wagging her tail.


Meyli has brought a new level of laughter and happiness to our home.  We love her dearly.



She appears on the Grey2K Canidrome dog list dated 2012.

I've been able to locate some information on Meyli (Friendship Biggest).  I believe she was named Ebenolle in Australia.

Whelped on September 10, 2008.  Her tattoos are R: 108F and L: 4980.

I can find only one reference to racing history in Australia and that was May 6, 2010.  I can't believe she only ran one race while in Australia.

Also, I've found some abbreviations and I don't know what they mean.  They are NSW, MYC, and K.T.

Any insight you can add would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.








Meyli - Reduced Size.jpg

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Thank you for taking in this lovely old lady. No answers to your questions but it sounds like she is thriving with you.

Mom to Ranger (PB's Long Ranger), Esso (Kiowa Stay Over) and Cookie the rattie mix

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We're so glad she found her way to us.  She does something new everyday and makes us laugh.  And a bigger bonus...she loves affection and seeks it out.

I wanted to send you a video, but I can't up load it here due to file size constraints.  If you are on Facebook, it's on my FB page. She was having a greyt time "killing" her pig.


You'll have to scroll down a ways.  It was posted on 01/16/2019.

Do you have a Macau pup?

Have a greyt day.

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