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Weird visual panic attack

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Last night, and again this morning, our 10 year old grey had what I can only describe as a visual panic attack.  We hear her wandering the bedroom in the night and panting, and when we turn the lights on she acts as if she’s blind.  I have to lead her by the collar down the stairs and out to the yard or she wanders into things and walks a tight circle while haphazardly scanning the room as if totally disoriented.  Then I lead her back to bed and can calm her down by keeping a hand on her as she lays next to me for a half hour or so.

She’s had these on rare occasions for many years, and honestly she can be a very nervous grey.   (She was diagnosed with malignant hyperthermia when we tried to have a dental done, and her temp skyrockets whenever she goes to the vet, but when she’s not around strangers she’s a very sweet girl.)  She’s our third, and we’d never seen anything like it with our others.  Vets in the past have found nothing wrong with her, which is why we figured they were some kind of panic attack.  

Has anyone else ever seen anything like this?  

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our Rainey did that after she began having seizures at age 10.  She would act like she'd never seen the room she was in, the backyard, etc.  Sniffing, moving her head rapidly, walking in circles.  We suspected a brain tumor (causing the seizures) but it was not found on an MRI done 10/4/10 (her 10th bday) and we let her go the day before she was supposed have her second, knowing even if they found something she needed to be released from all that was going on with her.

This could just be the beginning of dementia and not a tumor, probably more likely - just mentioning that Rainey did the same thing.  I know there are meds now to help with dementia, perhaps talk to your vet?

hugs.  It's very hard to watch them like this :(


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Is she aware of you when you talk to her? If you call her? I'm wondering about "absence seizures." Jacey could walk up to her food dish and forget what to do next. She was 8 at the time, and I lost her not long afterward from a totally unrelated issue.

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She seems aware of me when I talk to her and try to calm her, and she really acts like she is blind or at least has some severe visual impairment.  She’ll wander into things and stop before she actually hits it, like she can see it right in front of her but her spatial awareness is messed up.  We initially thought it was a tumor when it first happened years ago, but it will go away within an hour and won’t happen again for many months or even years.  

She was back to her happy self this morning and ate breakfast before going back to bed.  She’s always been an odd one.

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It could be several issues including age related and neurological.   She should have a thorough workup by a vet - physical exam, bloodwork, urine and fecal samples.   

Ask your vet for a quick acting anti anxiety med like trazadone or valium you can give her before you head to the office to help keep her calm.  

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