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Early Onset of Kidney Disease ???

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Hello. My almost 12 year old female Greyhound has been diagnosed as early stage of kidney disease due to age. She still walks almost a mile everyday, jumps in and out the car, is not on any medications. She has always had corns on her three feet and becomes lame depending on her corn situation, but over all I think she is doing good. I don't know anything about kidney disease. This was discovered on her every 6 month check-up - I hadn't noticed signs or difference in her behavior... Her BUN was 32, Creatinine 2.2. At first, she was put on the 1 month antibiotic treatment for possible kidney infection. A month later (after she started taking antibiotic), the vet ran an urinalysis, protein/creatinie ratio, and SDMA. P/C ratio is 4.0 and SDMA is 20. So the vet's final diagnosis is that this is not an infection, it is an early onset of kidney disease. She has been given Benazepril. We've also been suggested that she should be on renal diet. I have NO clue how to read these numbers and I am confused. Before she started antibiotic, her poop were on runny side, but I didn't think much of it, I thought it was due to age. I did notice that after she started antibiotic, her poop firmed up. Now she is off antibiotic, her poop has started to come out soft again...  I would like to get some feedback. Thanks.

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It's been a while since I've had a grey with kidney disease, so I've forgotten some of the exact numbers.  And the SDMA test is new to me.  But take a deep breath.   For many elderly dogs, chronic kidney disease can be managed for a long while.  My kidney hound made it to 13 with a very good life until the last few months, and even then I don't think he was in pain.   There are many people who can help you through it.   I don't know much about the soft poop issue.  

Here's some beginning info for you.  Although Dr Fee does not mention many specific numbers, I think your pup's figures are above normal even for a greyhound. Greyhounds tend to have higher kidney values than non-sighthounds.  


Here's a comprehensive but non-medical site.  I used it to create a partially homecooked diet for my houndie.


Other folks will start chiming in as well.  Hugs to you and your hound.  



Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

remembering Eve, Baz, Scout, Romie, Nutmeg, and Jeter

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There is plenty of info out there. A vet friend steered me to the IRIS charts and info. It describes the many stages of kidney disease. Felix had it as a result of tick borne diseases. I initially cut protein levels by adding in extra carbs. Eventually, nearly a year and a half later he was on rice and maybe 20% chicken as his source of protein . He lasted nearly 2 years afterthe very first sign of it which was his ph was too acitic. Elderly people go thru this as well, this is a sign of the aging process.

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