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Grey Chewing Front Leg Joints

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Our grey is a retired racer and will be 6 in August. We have been jogging with her about twice a week about 1-1.5 miles and she does very well and seems to enjoy it. We also walk her on off days.

I notice after our exercises that she chews with the side of her jaw on what would be her ankle joints. She doesnt leave any marks or wounds but she will chew both.

Sometimes Ill notice a little limp at the end of the run but she recovers very quickly.

Its a very leisurely run, more of a trot for her.


Behavioral or arthritis?

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I would stop any running and shorten her walks to see if the chewing stops. If it doesn't then a vet check is needed.


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Are you jogging somewhere with grass or other plants? It's getting to be spring and all manner of environmental allergies tend to pop up - maybe she's itchy. Try giving her legs a wipe down before coming inside and see if that changes anything?

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