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Translucent Yellow Mucus-Like Poop

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Our girl counter surfed into some cupcakes, had some diarrhea that night. It seemed to be fine the next day, but now 2 days later, she's started have diarrhea again. I fasted her for 12 hours, then gave chicken and rice this morning. Now her poop isn't even poop, it's either clear liquid or yellow mucus-y bits.


I don't know if I just need to keep her on the bland diet for longer. She has been acting completely normal, still runs around, plays with us, wants attention, etc. But now she's needing to go out every 2 hours, instead of 3 times a day like usual.


I would've taken her to the vet if it wasn't that we just spent a months pay over 'nothing', so I'm reluctant to bring her again just to be told to feed her a bland diet and wait 😓

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There's nothing in her tummy from fasting. What you're describing sounds like bile which is pretty typical when a hound has an empty tummy. The next stool should be somewhat formed since you put her on food this morning, but may still be runny. I'd say stick with the bland diet until you see the stool form up some more.

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You get that mucous when their GI system has become irritated. I wouldn't worry, just keep her on the bland diet until she's passing stool again and then gradually transition back to her normal food. Probiotics may help. I really like VetriScience Vetriprobiotic BD for things like this. It's a probiotic, but also has some other natural things to soothe the GI tract and heal the mucosal lining. You can get it on Amazon.


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Yeah, bland diet, small portions, several times a day if you can. A good probiotic can help get her back in balance.

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Agree with above and want to add - Has she been checked for intestinal parasites lately?

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Mucous indicates gastric distress beyond the normal and it might either move in the direction of bloody diarrhea or could resolve itself. Few suggestions - give some Forti-flora or other probiotic and give rice and hamburger (some dogs allergic to chicken). Don't fast as that can make it worse, also don't give kibble as that is too much to process at this point.


Also, as someone also suggested, smaller meals and more often. Make sure the dog stays hydrated.


edited - what type of cupcakes and is there a chance that there was xylitol in them?

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Any chance she also ate the wrappers/liners of the cupcakes? If so, and if it would have been multiple wrappers, and if she definitely hasn't passed them then you might think about heading to the vet. Especially if they were foil or something other than paper.

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