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Hound Only Goes To The Bathroom During Walks

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My hound Pablo has been with us for about 4 months now. I don't think this is really a problem, but more of a reality check for me that his bathroom behavior is normal. So, three times a day, I take Pablo outside to my backyard to allow him to eliminate. This occurs first thing in the morning, right after I get home from work (8-10 hours), and in the evening before bedtime. I always take him on a morning and evening walk every day which gives Pablo additional opportunities to go to the bathroom. Recently, I have started to notice that Pablo never wants to eliminate first thing in the morning and after I get home from work when I take him out to the backyard. It seems like he knows that he will go for a walk soon so he is willing to wait. There have been a few times due to uncontrollable circumstances that he has been willing to wait up to 10-12 hours to eliminate during a walk rather than do it when I let him outside in the backyard. It just seems so odd to me that he would be willing to hold it in for so long. Has anyone experienced this with their hound? Is this normal?

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Jamie does the same thing. we were at an antique show, for 3 days, he held himself for 16 hrs then finally relieved himself on a bush of poison ivy! on our normal walks he waits until he is home. yesterday we were out with him for 8 hrs- nothing! trust me, traveling with him is something else. i don't know if it's good or bad, potty break first thing in the morning and again at night.


i rarely carry a poop bag. it i use it, that's a call for a national holiday!

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Grace only goes on average twice a day and that's during her early morning 6:30 am walk and afternoon 4:00 pm walk. She won't go in the evening before bed time. She might have a wee if we go for a walk in-between but is happy to hold it otherwise and occasionally goes nearly 24 hours between poos.


I used to worry if she didn't go twice a day but now I tell her to let me know if she needs to go and keep my fingers crossed there are no mishaps overnight. So far so good.

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