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New Owner - Dry Skin, Flaking, Dandruff

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Hi All:


We've had Arrow for almost 4 months. You all have been so helpful with her statue-ing issues (which are slowly beginning to improve). As the weather is gradually warming, she seems to be shedding a bit and we're noticing a fair amount of dandruff and some skin flaking particularly around her side/belly region. There's also a region of dry skin where her harness goes behind her front legs (the harness is absolutely necessary for her freezing issues unfortunately, though we only use it for longer walks).


Can you all recommend products to help with her skin? We'd also hate for her to start losing a bunch of hair - she has such a beautiful coat. We've heard salmon oil (oral) and coconut oil (topical). Someone also suggested occasionally topping her food with some canned sardines. Thoughts on these or other remedies?


Thank you as always - so thankful for this forum!

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Most of the dogs we know here in Phoenix are shedding like crazy at the moment, including Petunia. This is pretty standard at this time of year. I can brush Petunia 4 times a day and have enough fur for another dog each time.


Grizzly salmon oil is a little pricey but is really good. A little goes a long way, so don't add too much to each meal or you will tummy issues. It is really concentrated. It will do it's job over time if you follow the directions for adding it to food.


Don't bathe them too often as that adds to the flaking.


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It can take a while for your Grey's coat to reach optimal condition. My Lola has been home for almost 2 years and her coat is still changing for the better.


Salmon oil is a wonderful addition. Grizzly brand is my personal favorite. Another great product is Springtime Skin and Coat - https://www.springtimeinc.com/product/Skin-and-Coat/Natural-Dog-Supplements. I trust all of Springtime's products.


Frequent brushing is helpful to distribute oils in the coat and remove dead hair and flakes. A mild shampoo with oatmeal helps with dry skin.


Adding water-packed sardines and canned mackerel to her kibble at least once a week is helpful. I suggest rinsing the brine off the mackerel before serving.

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Just wanted to say that coconut oil can be given orally as well. Same advice as far as not doing too much too quickly, but if there's any concern about fish breath/farts, an alternative oil can help with that :)


Back in the fall our guy 'blew out' his coat and got pretty flakey for a few days but then it mostly stopped and the flakes did too. He's still a little flaky on what I'd call his top butt (where the tail meets his back) but it only flakes if we give hearty scritches, he doesnt seem bothered by it or to itch. It seems like some dogs shed a little all the time and some shed a lot a few times a year.


If it's not normal shedding, you might look at the food she's on. It seems like that's the first place you look when it's a derm issue.


And maybe secure some fleece, or other soft material, around the straps of the harness that hit the irritated areas?

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Sounds pretty normal for the weather change, especially with a new dog. I agree with the others. Some other things I've used are raw eggs on the food, Jack Mackeral, and fish oil capsules.


Of course, start slow with anything. They can all be diuretics if given too much, too soon.


Frequent brushing, no bathing.

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