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Flea And Tick Prevention

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Yep, Seresto collar. Frontline is losing its effectiveness in many places.

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Nexgard has worked well for us.

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We've had good luck with Preventix collars.

Revolution for heartworm.


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I would never use Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica etc. as even the FDA has issued warnings:

“Isoxazoline products have been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including muscle tremors, ataxia and seizures in some dogs and cats,” the FDA added. Ataxia is a lack of muscle control and can cause animals to stumble or twitch.

“Although most dogs and cats haven’t had neurologic adverse reactions, seizures may occur in animals without a prior history,” the FDA added." https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/flea-tick-pills-can-cause-nerve-reactions-pets-fda-warns-n911536

I use Preventic collars (& the old fashioned Adams spray occasionally) & Springtime Garlic https://www.springtimeinc.com/product/bug-off-garlic-dogs/Natural-Dog-Supplements

Many people will mock you and say garlic don't work because they tried it with no success with some cheap garlic they got from walmart or something but the quality Springtime stuff has been highly effective for me (and many others) for years. In fact I take it myself and it works great for me too.

For heartworm I use Interceptor Plus. I used to use the ivermectrin based ones like TriHeart Plus or HeartGuard until research just came out showing how ivermectrin affects the eyes. So far so good with the Interceptor. I don't like giving my dogs any drugs but you simply cannot fool around with heartworms and I believe a preventative is the best bet to keep them protected.

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Bravecto has worked well for us, although Sweep does not like the taste. My vet mentioned they have a topical version now, so we might look into that.


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We have used Nexgard without issue. The FDA alert says the isoxazoline-based drugs are safe for most dogs, and to consult with your vet about whether your dog's medical history suggests a vulnerability.


We use Interceptor for heartworm, and I administer it separately - Interceptor at the beginning of the month, Nexgard mid-month.


One of our hounds was unable to take a systemic preventative due to having had IMHA so for him we used Advantage II (I think that was it) which is topical (not recommended if you have cats).

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I use Simparica which has been issued by my vet with no problems.


In my view any flea or tic treatment has potential issues as you are putting a form of poison either in or on your pet. The balancing act is to use enough to kill the fleas and tics but not enough to harm your pet and even natural remedies including garlic, which is the same family as onions, if overused can cause problems.

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One warning about Previntic collars. I have heard they are very effective, but they are toxic to cats, so don't use them if you have cats. I use Soresto, one of my dogs (the Picky Princess) wouldn't eat the Nexgard :rolleyes:

Yes and I believe they are an MOI? inhibitor or something? I forgot to mention that but what it is supposed to mean is that you shouldn't use them with Tramadol or other MOI....whatevers.

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