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A little background.

We have just adopted an ex racer called Mac, a 27kg male, retired from racing in 2018 due to injury. He has been with us for only 4 days, and is settling in well, one little accident but other than that no toilet mishaps . He is adorable and fine with humans, not so good with other dogs yet (understandable). We have taken him for short walks (with muzzle on), first encounter was with a small Yorkshire terrier who was off the lead and came running up to him barking, Mac reacted by lunging and trying to jump on him, (Understandable) he did not growl, bark, whine or bite just seemed really perplexed. We realise we will have to socialise him slowly with other dogs and this may take a while. Any advice regarding this would be appreciated.


Mac although settling well in the house, takes himself off to his bed for quiet time and signs deeply when settling and 'roaches' which is adorable, we have found that he seems to 'pace' around the house and pants during the day, again advice regarding this would be appreciated, is this a sign of stress? what is he trying to tell me?



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Probably a sign of stress; he's only been home for 4 days. Maybe he's hot. Could be pain from gas. Keep an eye on him. I'm thinking it's just a little anxiety as he adjusts to his new home. Sounds like you're doing a good job and Mac is feeling quite comfortable.

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Most newly retired greyhounds have spent their whole life either at the farm, the track, and the adoption kennel only with other greyhounds. Many have never even seen any other breeds of dogs - they don't recognize them as dogs like themselves, and other dogs don't speak their language (quite literally as greyhounds learn dog language very well from staying with their littermates and mothers months longer than most other dogs who are removed from their family groups at 8-12 weeks).


So you need to go very slowly. If possible do NOT allow other dogs to run up to you. Step between the two dogs and stop the other one from approaching. Other owners will be perturbed or even upset, but you need to advocate for *your* dog, and he needs to know you will protect him. If you have some friends with calm stable dogs of their own, start socializing him with them. Walking together (on leash) is a good way for dogs to get to know one another.


If he has a lot of gas you can try giving him a human acid reducer pill like omeprazole. Or even a Gas-x gas reducer product. Make sure the pills don't have any xylotol in them. You should also evaluate if the new food might have too high a protein percentage, which can also cause excess gas. Most dogs here do well at about 20-25% protein content.


If you haven't yet, you should get the book "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies." It has a lot of great information for new owners. Some things will be a little different between the US and UK, but the basic info is the same.


Congrats on your new family member! Welcome!

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Thank you Greyalholic,


I have learnt from this first walk with Mac, and will not let other dog run up to him again, he met a very placid Labrador this Morning, the lab was in a car, and he was sniffing her, he did growl at her a little but was more inquisitive. I do want it to be a slow and happy process for him as I don't want him to be anxious, he really is a gently boy and we are pleased with how he is doing as it is only his 4th day.


I will check his diet, at the moment its 50% of his old food (dry kibble) and 50% of a mixture of meat & veg or fish, his stools are a little loose but nothing to worry about, knowing there is support out there from people who have more experience than I with Grey's is comforting.


Thanks you.

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Keep calm when introducing him to other dogs, try large dogs first as they see anything that is small and moves as fair game.


For the gas problem have a look for a charcoal supplement. You might find one that helps combat tooth plaque and has charcoal in it as well.


The pacing and panting is nothing to worry about, he's just getting used to his new life and surroundings.


If his stools are still a problem you could add a spoonful of pumpkin puree to his food,


You are doing well. Take it slowly and enjoy the experience.

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