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Myrtle went in to get pre-dental blood work done. She has elevated liver levels, cholesterol, and low thyroid. They tell me she is having a problem with pancreatitis. She has always had problems with her stomach. They have put her on clavamox and another med. I am to change her food as well. I am getting her a low fat kibble.


I feel awful not realizing she was sick!

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Don't feel bad. Pancreatitis seems to be one of the illnesses where by the time the symptoms are evident, your dog gets bad very fast and they end up at the ER in bad shape. Feel grateful that they caught it before the symptoms started.

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Pancreatitis hit my Mazy fast and hard. It did not have the typical presentation. After 2 vet visits in 3 days my vet had me take her to NC State vet hospital. They had her for a week. Even they were stumped until pancreatitis was evident on ultrasound.


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Our Gilgun has chronic pancreatitis, and we've found Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat kibble to work well. Royal Canin also makes low fat GI treats that Gilgun likes. You have to be really careful with the fat content of foods and treats, since it doesn't take much to cause a flare-up.


Also, when Gilgun was first diagnosed his cobalamin levels were really low, so they had him come in for cobalamin injections every week or two. You may want to ask if that'd be helpful for Myrtle. Also, it's a good idea to do a GI panel on a regular basis to monitor Myrtle's pancreatic and cobalimin values.


Hope Myrtle feels better soon!

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