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!bad Arthritis! Back On Track Products For Greyhounds!


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Hi there, a friend on him who trains and races Olympic endurance horses. First of all I would like to say, weve spent a great sum of money on trying to get Gable Warjab comfortable. He gets what I call an episode every three months which requires us to go to the vet. Hes sensitive to medications, so weve taken him off all of them (except the Gabapentin for his nerve pain which causes sever muscle spasms occasionally). With natural products, he has improved sooooooo much!!!! Ive learned so much! My friend being around enlightened me. She says Gabe is exactly like a horse! From the way he behaves, to the way their body is similar and this has similar problems. Since then its been such a breakthrough. Ive found a vet who works with animal athletes and have found that Im having the best success with using methods Ive found looking F race horses, and agility dogs! Its hard to find, and then convince a vet that Gabe is NOT a dog, he doesnt act like one, he cant be retrained like one (and frankly is too smart and well mannered already) and that his physiology is different than a bulldog, lab, chihuahua etc. At least where we live. So now to my point! We have just ordered leg wraps, hock wraps, a mat, and the mesh jacket for Gabe-0.


They say the products need to be introduced slowly, with every product having a different introduction schedule, and then there are also rest periods. Im waiting for the back on track team to consult with me. In the meantime, has anyone else used these products? If so, if you have any insights, and tips or tricks, or just any advice at all I would love to hear from you!!


If you had any other natural methods Id love to hear them too!


The drugs made his situation worse!!!!! By A LOT.... weve taken him off them since mid-November, and the improvement is already night and day!!!!


Additional Gab-0 info


7yr old male. Raced 177 times until he broke his back right leg at 5. Has arthritis in all joint on all four legs, as well as hips. Outside track legs are much worse then the inside track ones. And the hip on that side seems quite bad, which affects his front left shoulder as well. He seems to have possible a slipped disc issues right around where the spine hinges, which creates a pinched nerve that causes severe muscle spasms in his adomen. Which then causes diarrhea. Sometimes when he is in pain he also gets diarrhea (which I call stress poops 🤣).


I love you all and I appreciate any advice, just please be respectful and non-judgemental. If you dont agree with my natural approach, just skip commenting. I promise we have already tried all proven greyhound methods, and they have not worked.

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