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Lump On Paw - Help Required


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Hi guys, sorry i keep spamming topics on these forums.


My grey has developed a little spot/lump on his paw and its is obviously causing some discomfort as he limps if any weight goes on it.


I took him out for 2x 6mile walks last weekend. It looked like he stood on something sharp and limped a little and shook it off.


He was fine after that until 3days later when the limp started to come back. I checked his paws and he has this little lump (see picture)


<a href="http://www.freeimagehosting.net/commercial-photography/"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/iGzfRTB.png" alt="Commercial Photography"></a>


I have asked friends with dogs and they believe its quite normal after long walks and even was told that it may be a sebacious cyst.


I took him to get it checked at the vets and they gave me anti-biotics to give him (£110) - they dont know what it is and wanted £150 to send off a test (which i cant afford right now) so i will let the course of anti-biotics run and see if they work first.


Has this happened to anybody elses dog? If so what happened? Is it normal?

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That almost looks like a histiocytoma. If so, it will usually go away on its own. No surgery required. I don't know what an antibiotic would do for it. Trevor's is in an area that will get irritated though and might cause it to bleed.


Is Trevor licked or chewing it? Do you have a sock you can keep on it while in the house and a dog boot for when outside?


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If he stepped on something sharp and got a puncture wound, it could be infected - which is what it sort of looks like to me. If so, the antibiotics could help. If you hike a lot on rough ground or out in the wilds, you might want to get some hiking boots from RuffWear to protect your dogs paws.


The other option is a corn. There's tons of threads here on corns for you to search out. There's also a Facebook page "Greyhounds with Corns" you might want to join.

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