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My Hound Doesn’T Greet Me Upon My Return....

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Hi all. This place has been a hige help for me over the last four months! So thank you so much!!


I have another question about my greys behaviour. Its been about 4 months since adopted her and my husband and I have been doing a lot of alone training with her.


She used to get overly excited when we came home separately or together but now she sometimes just doesnt even move from the couch when I return. This makes me feel a bit worried if we are bonding well.


When my husband returns from his work after 10 hours or so, she gets excited and runs to the door to say hi to him.


When I return usually after 3 or 4 hours (Im working from home), she sometimes just moves her head to check if it is me and just stays on the couch.Then I say hi to her in an upbeat tone and pet her. Is she just sleepy, upset, or simply Im not her favourite...?


I know it is a good thing that a dog doesnt get too excited when it comes to tackling separation anxiety, but it makes me think if I am not doing something right.


Do you have any experience like this?


She comes up to both me and my husband for attention and kisses when we sit on the couch watching tv etc.


Any opinions are greatly appreciated.

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She's fine. You're fine. It's really a good thing, especially if she has SA. Calm coming and going is excellent progress and something to be happy about!


And - be careful what you wish for! There might come a day when you're writing here for help with an out of control greeting on your return!!!

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I'd take it as a good sign that your grey has settled in and trusts that you will return and your coming and going is no big deal. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually she stops greeting your husband also.


My Grace used to greet me every time I came home, then it was only after I returned from 7 hours at work and now she's the same as yours, only looking up to see who it is.

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That is actually great news. She feels calm and comfortable. You're fine.

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Like the others have said, this is a good thing and she is fine. Both of mine used to greet me at the door whenever I came home, now, maybe one will, maybe both, but often neither will bother to get up. Sometimes I am not even sure they wake up :rolleyes: I say "No, no, don't get up on my account!"


Sarcasm is not appreciated :lol

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You SHOULD be proud!!!!!! That is HUGE win!!!! Apparently you did everything right, and your dog is adjusting very well! You're VERY luck to get to this point so early!


The day my first grey didn't maul me at the door when I walked in, I nearly cried with JOY. It took 2 years. I tip-toed around for 5 minutes just to make sure it was real!!! Then I checked to make sure he wasn't sick :hehe

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Then I checked to make sure he wasn't sick :hehe


I actually did the same when she didn't get up for the first time. I thought she was sick or something and straight went to her asking "What is wrong? Are you feeling okay?" :)



Sometimes when my partner gets home late, he's so excited he greets both of us even though I've already been home haha!

Wow, my girl also does this sometimes! I found it super cute :beatheart

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Just chiming in to say that we initially worried when Ewan started sometimes skipping the happy greeting (our first grey did so without fail even when older and in ill health). But he took a long time to fully settle in and realize he was definitely home. When he doesn't greet us, it's just because he's super comfy and knows we're going to go to him, at which time he's ready to roach and get a cuddle.



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