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Limp Only On Uneven Surfaces


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About two weeks ago my 8 year old developed a limp (down on front right) only on uneven surfaces. That would be dirt, gravel, sand, areas of a sidewalk that is graded for drainage, or pavers in the backyard etc... On concrete, pavement, grass or inside the house she trots along with no limp at all.


Of course we've been to the vet where she had a thorough physical, both annual and a orthopedic. Heavy palpation of all limbs, ankles, paws, toes, legs, neck etc, reveled nothing. At my request they shot 6 different x-rays of both front limbs, shoulders, legs, forearms, toes, etc... and 6 different views each. The x-rays were examined by three separate vets and a radiologist who all confirmed all bones look great!


She does have a very bad crack on the front right paw... but the docs and myself have put all kinds of pressure on it and not one reaction. I got her booties, which works great... no limp on the uneven surfaces... Which is great... and not.


My Vet wanted to look hat her again yesterday because he's perplexed. So perplexed he didn't even charge me for the visit. He did a full exam again, and nothing...

So, on even surfaces she trots along just fine. She plays, runs.... no issues... the minute she hits an uneven surface, dip on the front right. Since three vets looked at her, does it make sense to take her to yet?

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When pressure is put on the crack of the front right paw are you pressing on just one side of the crack or both sides together?


I wonder if when walking on uneven surfaces pressure is put on one side of the crack more than the other and it's parting the two sides causing her to limp.


You could try keeping it moisturised using Aloe Vera, which isn't poisonous if licked, and covered when going for a walk until the crack is healed. Aloe Vera will make her pads soft so they will need hardening off again when the crack has gone.

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There is probably a corn brewing in her foot somewhere.

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You need to get that crack healed up. Epsom salt soaks, moisturizing a couple time a day with a heavy foot callous lotion/cream (stay away from petroleum based products as they dry the pads), keep it dry and covered when outside. If it *is* a corn, these are all things you would do anyway.


Also read through the thread here in H&M about a pad reopening after healing. You might be dealing with some sort of underlying toe tendon injury.


In fact, there is a vet in the UK experimenting with treating corns by removing the injured toe tendon underneath. So far, his patients have remained corn free after surgery.

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