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Hello! I just joined because I'm planning to adopt a greyhound soon. I'm very excited. :)

I've read a lot about them and noticed that white cats can be particularly attractive to greyhounds because lures are often white. We have a white cat, so what I want to know is how difficult it can be to train a greyhound not to chase after her new white friend? Is it something that can just take extra time? Boo is a friendly and playful red colorpoint Siamese who used to have a disabled American Eskimo Dog as her friend. She was always gentle with him. She can get typical kitty crazies sometimes and go sprinting through the apartment, so a bit of play pretend chasing would probably make her day. Can greyhounds ever be trained to play like that while being gentle and not actually attacking her?

I'm so glad for Boo's red striped tail right now. She's not 100% white. But she is mostly white.

Any pointers would be so helpful. I want to make sure I am ready when the time comes for future houndie and kitty to meet.


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If you get a cat safe dog, I don’t think your kitty being light colored would make any difference. That said, I wouldn’t encourage a “chase” kind of play, no matter how innocent. I just think, with any sighthound, chase=prey, the instincts might kick in, no matter how cat “safe” your dog is. Make sure the group you adopt from knows what your kitty is like (active, used to playing with a dog friend) and they should be able to find you a good match!

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I agree with the above. I don't think color matters much if a dog is truly cat safe. Keep in mind that outdoors, all bets are off; a hound who's perfectly safe with a cat inside might not recognize the same cat outside.


It sounds like Boo is a confident, outgoing cat, so that's an advantage. Skittish cats are more likely to pique a dog's curiosity, and might run instead of issuing a "correction" should that pointy nose get too close. My Henry gave Sweep a few swats in the early days, and they kept their distance from each other for the rest of his life. He also used to get the "poo zoomies" (y'know, where they come racing out of the litter box? :lol) and Sweep never seemed inclined to give chase, but I definitely would not have encouraged it.


Good luck, and please keep us posted on your adoption!


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Ditto what the others said. Logan is the epitome of a white fluffy (long haired too), but we have two greys (and a third in the past) who get along well with him. Logan rules the house with an iron hiss; Renny fully ignores him and Indy is afraid of him. So white fluffies can definitely coexist with the right hound!

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Color of the cat doesn't matter as much as personality and activity level.


I agree with giving your adoption group as much information as possible about your cat so they can find a match.


And highlighting another bit of advice: indoor cats can become part of your dogs pack. Outdoor cats (and other free roaming animals) are a different thing altogether, often viewed as prey, and subject to behavior dictated by the dogs genetic heritage.

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Thank you all! That's so good to read. :) When we adopted Boo, they said that she can "hold her own against a dog." With her old pal Scout, she never tried to get him to play but she loved to lie on the floor near him and she sometimes presented him with toys. He never could chase her, so thankfully she isn't used to that from a dog. A greyhound that ignores her antics would pretty much be normal to her, haha.

Another great thing about her is that she never used her claws when she occasionally bopped him on the head.

We have our phone screening next Wednesday, so I'll be sure to mention these things to the volunteer who's calling us.

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YES!! Color CAN make a difference!!!


It is not too common that it happens, but I know of a couple of greys and a few other breeds who were white crazy. They were good with every other animal they encountered, but the white furries. So keep it in your mind that it is possible.


So I would double check with the adoption group to ensure they realize your cat is white!


Good luck and be sure to let us know how it goes. :)

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My late boy Terry was the same color as yours. Johnny only tried to chase him and his brother once, when they were playing. NO CAT, I yelled, he stopped. Terry was never the bravest of the bunch, he was more likely to hide than swat, but the others showed Johnny that cats are ouchy and to be avoided. I agree with the others, slow intros and muzzles to start.


All bets are off with outdoor cats, he thinks our local strays/ferals are super interesting, regardless of the color. Squirrels are boring, but possums and raccoons are worth a look.

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