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What To Expect: Cystotomy - Bladder Stone Removal


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Anyone have any insights/tips for a 4yo male going in for a Cystotomy?


I haven't been able to find many threads on this topic, is it pretty rare in greys?

How long was your pup's recovery?

Did you use a cone or some other method of lick-prevention?

What kind of bladder control/retention should we reasonably expect while he's healing?


Has anyone successfully treated struvite stones with diet/increased water (avoiding surgery)?

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Our male had this surgery about 3 years ago.

He actually had to have emergency surgery at 2am.


He wore the cone of shame while healing and was on the necessary antibiotics/anti-inflammatories.


He has since been on Science Diet CD formula and has not had an issue since. He also doesn't excessively drink.


Good luck!

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