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You Don't Always Get What You Want...


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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! :beatheart :beatheart :beatheart GREYT PICTURES OF SOME MAGNIFICENT HOUNDS! Lucky you!! It was meant to be! :beatheart :beatheart

I kinda think it was. They lost their home at the same time we lost our hounds sooooo....

Kristen with

Penguin (L the Penguin) Flying Penske x L Alysana

Costarring The Fabulous Felines: Squeak, Merlin, Bailey & Mystic


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Best therapy ever! I’m happy for you all.

Irene ~ Owned and Operated by Jenny (Jenny Rocks ~ 11/24/17) ~ JRo, Jenny from the Track

Lola (AMF Won't Forget ~ 04/29/15 -07/22/19) - My girl. I'll always love you.

Wendy (Lost Footing ~ 12/11/05 - 08/18/17) ~ Forever in our hearts. "I am yours, you are mine".

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It's heartwarming to see how well the two of them are settling in!

Clare with Tiger (Snapper Gar, b. 18/05/2015), and remembering Ken (Boomtown Ken, 01/05/2011-21/02/2020) and Doc (Barefoot Doctor, 20/08/2001-15/04/2015).

"It is also to be noted of every species, that the handsomest of each move best ... and beasts of the most elegant form, always excel in speed; of this, the horse and greyhound are beautiful examples."----Wiliam Hogarth, The Analysis of Beauty, 1753.

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Ah, more comes out. The family who surrendered them said that Penguin was not safe with children.


This made me go, "Say what?! That dude is a big squishy marshmallow."


The only time I have witnessed Penguin utter even a murmur of discontent was when Q stepped over him. Penguin is the boss man and he doesn't like having his subordinate stand or step over him. This is normal canine behavior. And all he did was grumble like a grumpy codger telling that darned kid to get off his lawn.


It would appear that he had the audacity to complain at an 18 month old toddler crawling all over him.


That's not a bad dog.


In fact I think both he and Q have the makings of therapy dogs, particularly Penguin if I can get them obedience trained. He has a gentleness, serenity and a natural charisma that draws people straight to him. Q will easily learn new commands. Penguin is a little slower and I might have a harder time teaching him but I think he can learn given time and patience. Both are food motivated so that's an advantage. Got to find my clicker.


They passed their initial cat tests with flying colors but I decided to wait until they'd settled in a bit and their true colors started to peek out before I introduced them to the resident cats.


Last night we brought out Bailey, the elderly Russian blue who loves him some greyhounds. Dogs were muzzled at first. He sat on my lap on the couch and didn't budge when Penguin came over. Penguin gently sniffed him and then licked his head before moving on. :wub:


Bailey hissed at Q when he approached. Q showed a lot more interest in the cat and Bailey had his number. He is not high prey though. He's easily distracted from the cat and seems to want to play more than eat. Still, he reached over and tried to ever-so-covertly nip Bailey just to see what kind of reaction he would get. The reaction was immediate, brutal and involved the use of claws. I think Q got the memo. I wouldn't leave him alone with a cat at this point but Q is certainly cat correctable. As for Penguin, a cat could do a tap dance on his head and he wouldn't care.


This is Bailey with "his" greyhound Finn.




We also found collars for them. One actually has penguins on it and guess who gets it? :lol It may look a bit strange on him in the summer when temps top 100F but....






The other will look smashing on Q.




I also thought this collar would look great but DH thought it was too busy. It is busy, but I still think it would look great on either of them.



Kristen with

Penguin (L the Penguin) Flying Penske x L Alysana

Costarring The Fabulous Felines: Squeak, Merlin, Bailey & Mystic


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Congratulations on welcoming a senior bonded pair into your home! Sometimes the universe knows better :)

On 12/27/2018 at 9:02 PM, GreytNut said:

He has enormous soulful Gable Dodge eyes and is quiet, sweet and gentle. He exudes serenity.

I got teary-eyed when you described Penguin. My first greyhound, Rooftop Kahn, just passed away 3 weeks ago at 13 1/2 years wise. Gable Dodge was his father. Kahn was also quiet, sweet, gentle, exuded serenity and had the most soulful eyes I've ever seen.

How did you know about Gable Dodge? Did you have other hounds related to him? Your description was just so perfect, I wondered if this was a recognized trait with a lot of his offspring. Just curious...

Lastly, I am now fostering to adopt a little retired racer girl who just came up from Florida. Her great grandfather was Gable Dodge, and she reminds me so much of Kahn. Same eyes, same demeanor. It's uncanny.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Kahn:


Rooftop Kahn.jpg

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My sweet Johnny, who passed unexpectedly in June, was a Gable Dodge boy, I loved it when he did the ear-flip forward like your boy! They both had the beautiful dark eyeliner, too.

My other boy, Gino (Eastnor Rebel), has Gable Dodge via his dam, she has Lonesome Cry back there.

Current Crew: Gino-Gene-Eugene! (Eastnor Rebel: Makeshift x Celtic Dream); Fuzzy the Goo-Goo Girl (BGR Fuzzy Navel: Boc's Blast Off x Superior Peace); Roman the Giant Galoot! (Imark Roman: Crossfire Clyde x Shana Wookie); Kitties Archie and Dixie

Forever Missed: K9 Sasha (2001-2015); Johnny (John Reese--Gable Dodge x O'Jays) (2011-19); the kitties Terry and Bibbi; and all the others I've had the privilege to know


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Minnysmall.jpg.28b34867ae55cc07688c7050ae9a9329.jpg   This was my Gable Dodge son and he had 'the eyes' and everything else too-but no ear flip! Minny ( Rj's Minnow) was the most empathetic creature I have ever known and his loyalty was beyond parallel. Thankfully there is a lot of Gable Dodge blood around and so there are many admirers!

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Yup, Rocket was a Gable Dodge grandson, complete with the "morning ears." :lol  His Daddy was Dodgem By Design.  There is no doubt that when you have a Gable Dodge or Dgdgem descendant, you are going to have a good time. 

Those traits must be passed on from Dutch Bahama and/or HB's Commander.  We have recently met Miss Kate, a senior broodie who just came off the farm and is up for adoption locally. While she does not have the Gable Dodge line in her ancestry, she has those same traits and reminds me a lot of Rocket with her demeanor and the ever present "flipped over ears." 


The currently empty and way too quiet home of Camp Broodie.  Always missing my boy Rocket Hi Noon Rocket,  Allie  Phoenix Dynamite, Kate Miss Kate, Starz Under Da Starz, and Petunia MW Neptunia.


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