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Grey To Grey Space/leash Aggression

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Good Afternoon Greyhound Friends!


I wanted to ask a quick question about Greyhound to Greyhound behavior. We have had our boy for close to a year and a half and overall, everything is going wonderfully and he has really done well adapting to his retired life in our home. He gets along with small dogs, non-greyhound dogs, and other greyhounds; however, I do have one question -


Sometimes, when we are at Greyhound Events he will growl and/or air-snap at other greyhounds -- especially if the other grey approaches him "nose to nose." I am just curious what other people's experience is with this. We have a foster girl that will also do this OCCASIONALLY; however, she is newly off the track and still not really confident with her surroundings. Again, most of the time our boy is just fine and when not on a leash, only growls if his space is invaded when he's sleeping (which is understandable).


Thanks for any insight!! We appreciate it.




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Search through the forum for threads about "leash reactivity."


There is also an excellent book - "Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash Reactive Dog" by Patricia McConnell. It will help you guide your dog through stressful greeting situations.

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Nose to nose approach with an unknown dog is impolite behaviour. It's like staring an Hells Angels guy down at first meeting. 😉

Dogs prefer to be approached from the side.

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