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Renal Toxicity Suspected To Ivermectrin And Other Hw/flea Meds


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This particular study indicated that dogs on ivermectrin have almost 30 times higher risk of cPLR abnormalities. There is also another study beginning on this with animal eye iowa. This particular video mentions the greyhound specifically at about 1:40 into the video. If anybody uses Interceptor or Interceptor Plus are you happy with it? Octane is already on Interceptor Plus with no problems but my working dog is on one of the ivermectrin based ones (TriHeart Plus/HeartGard etc) and so I plan to switch her to Interceptor as soon as I can make sure it won't affect her detection work.


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I've used Interceptor since 1994 2001 (sorry, I got the wrong year) (except for the time when it was out of production; at that point, I used Heartgard Plus, which gave my dogs diarrhea). I haven't used Interceptor Plus.

I've used Bravecto for the last few years.


My dogs haven't exhibited any vision difficulties. My Silver, who was on the combination the longest of any of the dogs I've had, had a full eye exam every year as a therapy dog (AVCO offers free eye exams every year for therapy dogs).

If you can still edit the title of your article, please change "renal" to "retinal".

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Interesting (I did not see the vid yet but looking at the above posts). Ryder is on Bravecto/Heartguard combo. Developed Pannus 2 years ago, about the time he started Bravecto I think, but was planning on using the Seresto collars though going forward anyhow. I would have to check his records. Coincidental? Hmmm.


Also Retinal vs. Renal is very important!

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Honestly I didnt read the article but I have first hand experience with ivermectin and can tell you that when given in higher doses blindness can and does absolutely happen. This is why I cringe when I hear of folks trying to save money using straight ivermectin as their hw preventic.

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i'm going to check with my whippet's breeder, who is also a handler and was a vet tech. she uses straight ivomec and then worms periodically w/ the goat wormer which has the active ingredient in panacur. i'm sure many many people one the show circuit are doing the same. mmmm.....

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