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One Step Forward Two Steps Back

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Our lovely boy Paddy has been with us nearly 7 weeks. I know it is still early days but every time I think things are going well we hit another snag.


We had freezing issues to begin with on walks which then got better and walks were great. We had a problem with him mouthing which has greatly improved and we had a sleep startle incident. Since the sleep startle he is refusing to go out on his walks most days. He seems very restless during the day and exhibits a lot of calming behaviours, yawning, nose licking, turning his head away, averting gaze etc. He also walks around panting quite a bit. He will go outside in the garden and dig and do zoomies then he will lay down outside regardless of the weather, cold/rainy/windy. I sometimes have to entice him back in as I'm concerned about him getting too cold. He also sometimes starts barking at everything outside so I have to bring him in as the neighbours complain.


He has been pretty affectionate since day one and was super affectionate before the sleep startle but seems to be more reserved now.


We all adore him, but are trying not to overwhelm him and let him come to us.


I'm assuming that it is normal to have these ups and downs in the early stages?

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Yes, it's very normal to have successes and failures and starts and stops - each dog is an individual with their own quirks and personality traits. It's like having a stranger move into your house, trying to get used to everything.


But the panting and digging aren't. I would consult a vet about possible parasite infestation as hookworm especially can cause pain in the gut. Even if he's been treated before and you've had a negative fecal test. Hooks here in the states are developing quite a resistance to treatment, so I would not be surprised if you were experiencing some of this as well/


I would also get a DAP (Dog Appeasing Pherome) diffuser or two to put around your house to help him adapt (if it *is* a behavioral issue). It will help him relax and feel more at home.


Keep your daily schedule very strict for the time being. Greyhounds do best when they have a schedule to follow so they know what's coming up. I would also limit his exposure to a lot of new visitors until he's a bit more sure of himself.

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