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Training With Treats, But Hard To Keep Hound Away From Treat Bag

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Hello all. We have a 2 year, 3 month old male, and he is wonderful. We have had him for a little over 2 weeks. All is going very well. He walks on the leash perfectly, goes to the door now sometimes, and getting more often, when he wants to go out for business, sleeps pretty well from 11 to around 5, and so forth. My question is this. I am trying to start training him with treats. I carry some small treats in a treat bag. He has learned to come when I call - most times, and I am giving him a treat when I take him to the door to go do his business. The problem is when I get the treat bag out from my pocket - he is all over it, and I can't even open it because of his intensity of trying to get to it. I am not sure how to make him be patient while I get the treat out, and if I wait to long for him to be patient, he will forget what the treat was rewarding. Suggestions please.

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Teach him the Wait command as part of the training. He may even know it if he came from the track, as many of the already seem to know what WAIT means from getting in and out of the crates at the track.


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Do not give him a reward for mugging your hands. You may need to train a 'back off' or 'wait' kind of approach when you are not working on rewarding different behavior. If you bring out the bag and he comes over and starts being pushy to get at the bag or treat in your hand you just freeze, make sure he cannot her even a taste of treat, and give him one after he backs away from your hand. Dog trainer Susan Garrett shows how with her "Its yer choice" training: http://www.dogtrainergames.com/its-yer-choice/ She starts without a command, just outwaiting the dog and letting it choose to back off (thereby earning the treat).

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Play the "It's Your Choice" game. The idea basically is to teach the dog that just because there is food (or a toy) on offer, doesn't mean they automatically get it. The food has to be offered to them. Also helps with the panic of dropping a pill or some other item that the dog shouldn't eat.



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