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Recommendations For Ramps And Back-End Slings


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Hi Folks,


There's a chance I may be fostering a greyhound girl that is recovering from a serious injury to her back end. In anticipation that this does happen, I'm looking into both a ramp to use for my car and for a back-end sling.


For the ramp, I currently have one but it's very old and hard to extend. It also has approx. 3" high rigid sides on it. Because of this, it takes up quite a bit of space in the back of my car (the sides don't fold) - too much space with multiple greyhounds in the car. I'm going to research good quality ramps that fold completely flat. Anyone have any recommendations? (I'm not handy at all, so don't want to attempt making one.)


For a back-end sling - I have a good sling that helps with the back-end - from about mid-waist down, made by Carol Becker of God's Greyts. It works wonderfully for dogs with spine/back issues. I will be using this, but would also like to have something that fits right around where the back legs meet the back and that will be helpful specifically in raising the back end when trying to do stairs. Any recommendations on this?


Thanks in advance.



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We tried a ramp when Rocket started having trouble getting in and out of the cars. Unfortunately, he wanted nothing to do with a ramp, and once he realized that we were trying to train him to use one, he did everything in his power to avoid going anywhere near the ramp. I ended up returning it. This is the one I tried https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GIPWMM/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1


I chose this ramp based on reviews of it being solid and having good grip. The van I was trying to get Rocket into had an interior floor height of 24 inches from the ground, so the ramp would have been at a steeper angle and this one worked nicely for that application. Rocket just wanted nothing to do with it.


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The Help Em Up harness has been invaluable.

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I think you have a great harness (i have the same one - you can carry them like a suitcase!) but if the back end really needs help you might need a bit more umph and 2 people. Vets seem to love using old cloth reusable grocery bags to put by the hips and carry. Soft cotton and has long handles. I know this isn't a perfect solution but it works extremely well. If you sew I bet you could make one with a handle on the other side of the bag and voila!


I have a telescoping ramp that took a while to train to use but once figured out is used regularly but I only use it at the house to go up 2 steps, and not in the car. The angle for accessing the back seat of the car is just too great. The most important part of a ramp is that it is sturdy and I also find the wider the better. It must remain stationary and not move an inch while using or training or bad experiences are created.


Here is the one I have but note she probably won't take to it on her first day she comes home.



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Thanks, everyone, for sharing what has worked for you. I checked out the two links on the ramps - both look good and I will research them a bit further. The Solvit one I also found at chewy.com. Hopefully a ramp will work for the girl I may be fostering. If not, I'll use it for my boy Lucas - he's blind and isn't comfortable jumping into the back of my SUV. He does use the ramp I have without any problem.


Tonight I will check out the slings some of you recommended.


Thanks again.

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