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Smoked Lamb Bones


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My husband and I have adopted a four-year-old female greyhound about a month ago.


I have a quick question about treats. We have been giving her Kong filled with peanut butter and banana, carrot and pumpkin paste as well as pig ear when we leave the house. She loves both Kong and pig ear. We have also given her a bully chew once. She loved it so much that she finished in less than 20 min but the issue is that it is relatively pricey.


So, we are now trying to figure out what else we could give as treats and special treats for alone time. Today I went to a pet shop and bought a smoked lamb bones, and I am now wondering if it is safe....could it splinter? I will supervise and never leave her alone while she eats this but if it could be dangerous, I don't want to give it to her at all (I might give this to my in laws Jack Russell instead?).


Also, is it okay to give her a whole uncooked carrot? If so, how often?


Any advice would be appreciated!


Thank you :bunny

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Any type of bone that is cooked or smoked is not safe. They can splinter under the pressure of the jaw and you end up with an ingested bone splinter that can cause damage inside the dog, or the dog could also choke on it. Raw bones (if any) are best, however you will find people who have had dogs crack teeth on raw bones as well who will tell you that bones are bad as well. Any chew type treat or bone should only be given when the dog is continuously supervised. They are not a treat that that should be left for the dog when you leave. We also always pick up the last of a bully stick or put it away if it's not finished.


Some people prefer to give chicken necks or turkey necks as a chew / treat and count it as part of the dog's daily food so that over feeding doesn't occur. Again, these should be raw, Some dogs like them, some don't. Dogs with sensitive tummies may not be able to tolerate them as well.


Rocket always preferred bully sticks, but as he aged he became less interested in chewing them than hoarding them. He got to a point where he would chew it for a few minutes and then hide it for later, but never went looking for it again. If you watch Amazon and the Best Bully Sticks websites, you can get pretty good deals on that company's products. I usually buy the Supreme Bully Sticks on Amazon Prime Deals.


I don't know a dog who will eat a whole uncooked carrot. Some of them like the little baby carrots as snacks/treats, but I don't know of any reason that it would be good to give a dog a whole carrot. Will let others weigh in on this as I've never even heard the question before. If you have read about Olewo Carrots, those are a supplement to food. They are dehydrated and reconstituted with water. You will not get the same effect by giving your dog a whole carrot.


Best of luck with your new hound! The first year is the most fun as you watch them discover lots of new things.


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Yes, its fine to give her whole carrots. We used to do this with our Danes. You can even freeze them in the summer. Not every day though as they don't really digest raw carrots very well.


I probably wouldn't leave a pig ear with her when you leave either. If you want to occupy her, freeze the kong after you stuff it.

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No smoked bones. Carrots are fine..whole baby or cut up. Watch pig ears as they have a lot of fat. There was a great company in Canada that used to sell ear strips. Beef tendons were a big hit here when I could source them down the street and less than bully sticks.

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The longest lasting chews for my grey so far have been the Virbac C.E.T. and large Whimzees. Yesterday he worked on the Virbac chew for a half hour, which is unheard of!

(Though a mixed breed dog stole that type of chew from him at the Ren Faire and consumed it in 3 minutes so it depends on their style of chewing!)

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Thanks everyone for your advice! Okay, so the smoked lamb bone is now going to my in laws, or maybe I should just dispose it. It was only $2 after all.


We still have a long way to go with her training but we are going to see a greyhound specialist / dog trainer this weekend, which we are very excited about.


Yesterday, my husband’s iPhone started ringing right next to her while on the couch. She got very surprised and touched it with her paw! Lucky she didn’t lick or bite. As much as everything is new to her, there are soooo many things to learn for us humans. I can get stressed and worried too much at times but I can’t wait to see what she would be like after a year.


Once again, thanks for your help.

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One of my dogs is a big chewer. He gets one of the Nylabone "souper" size bones and works on it continually over months. There is a risk with teeth damage, but otherwise I would have to crate him every day to keep him from chewing whatever he could get his teeth on. I also leave it with him unsupervised.


As long as I'm indulging in risky behavior, I tried him on an elk antler courtesy of one of his Secret Santas. He showed no interest. :dunno


Bully sticks vary greatly in how long they last depending on brand, but they're pricey no matter what. Special treat here.


About the phone -- my dogs start howling when the landline rings. Makes conversations interesting.


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