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Hello From The High Desert

Guest KatieO

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Good morning and thank you for the warm welcome. As of this moment I have just started my research for adopting a greyhound. I know NOTHING about them other than what I've read and heard about their gentleness and loveablilty. With that said, I will introduce myself with information that might help you help me.

Recently we had to say goodbye to our fourteen ( yes 14) year old Dobereman. Sofia was a celebrity show girl, author of her own published novel and has more freinds on Facebook than I do.. The pain of loss is still too raw to invite another dog into our home.. They deserve all the love and care possible.. but I KNOW there will come a day when we will crave two wonderful fur babies again..

Currently we have a rescued greyhound/shepherd mix ( Momma escaped from the track in Tijuana and had a short but 'fruitful' honeymoon with a German shepherd. ) Bella is four years old and was slightly shadowed by her famous sister. So her rise to Alpha has proved to be a blossoming of an amazing dog. After a mourning period she has come around with humor and loves the company of other dogs.. both littles and her size ( 72 pounds)

I want to know everything I can learn about Greyhounds as Bella came with no information other than abandoned in a secondo on the streets of Rosarito MX. Starving and developed gastritis from eating anything she could devour.. She is now healthy and happy and the light of our lives..

We have since moved from Mexico to Apple Valley CA. Have a large fenced yard in the country.

My husband is a baseball coach at one of the local high schools and I'm a writer..

Okay.. where do I start with questions?? I think #1 would be health.. what are the worries for a greyhound? Are they prone to cardio problems? cancer? wobblers? Hip dysplasia?? What should I look for while caring and feeding??

What are the pros and cons of owning and loving a grey?

Thanks again and I hope no one minds if I haunt this site and absorb everything I can.. still about a year away from having another kid..but it's time to study right??


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The Greyhound Book for Dummies is a good start, as is the Guide to the Racing and Retired Greyhound.


Have you located any greyhound adoption groups near you?


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Regards health. Don't get discouraged by reading the Health and Medical Discussion section as only greyhounds with health problems problems get mentioned and that can give a distorted view of the health of breed overall.

In my opinion as they have been bred for racing and not to meet any idealised designer standards there are no inherent health problems such as breathing and hip problems etc. The most common problems are corns, which can be treated/managed, and bad teeth from being fed a mushy diet in the racing kennels.


There is no right or wrong way for caring and feeding as long as your grey is healthy and happy and it suits your lifestyle.


Each grey is unique with their own quirks and foibles but that's what makes them great companions. Just go for it and you and your greyhound can learn together.

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Thank you both for your quick response..No I have not located any adoption facilities here ..in fact, I haven't started looking.. ( now wouldn't that be sad if I fell in love with someone and wasn't ready to take her home.?) Going to be the best and most responsible parent I can.. They deserve the best.

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While you are waiting, I would advise reading a few books, the two macoduck mentioned are a good start. Also keep reading GT :) Health and Medicine is a great resource, but as said above, it is the place people go with problems, so don’t let it skew your perspective. Balance that and the training forum with Cute and Funny! These are wonderful, generally easy dogs.

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In addition to teeth and corns, like many other large breeds greyhounds have a high rate of bone cancer. Also a high rate of sheer adorableness. :)


Our sympathy to you on the loss of your Sofia, and kudos to Bella for being able to adapt to being an only. For a while.


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Try Fast Friends...they cover everything from San Diego to Reno. We live in Bishop CA (so near and yet so far) and have three greyhounds from them. We live at 4500’ and it does get cold here, frost some nights and even the occasional snow. Don’t get suckered into getting coats for them. The climate is dry desert and unless it is in the teens you won’t need one. Hope you find a hound soon!

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Cardio, wobblers, hip dysplasia - all no. Racing dogs are bred for function over form, so that weeds out a lot of issues that other pure-bred dogs may have. Cancer, yes. Often misdiagnosed with hypothyroidism, but their thyroid levels are naturally very low. Their bloodwork is a little different than "normal" dogs', but if you have a vet that understands that, you're good. Panus is not unheard of, but it's very easily controlled by eye drops. As noted, also, some have bad teeth, but I don't think it comes from the kennel diet, it's more of a genetic thing. Of my three, I've had one with a bad mouth. My first almost never needed a dental and it looks like the 3rd is similar. The second one needs a dental every year, and I understand his littermate brother is the same. That's about it, really :)


I'm sorry for the loss of your dobie. They are wonderful dogs. I had one in high school and she was the smartest dog I've ever owned :) Good luck in your future search!

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