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The Solvang Gathering ~ Feb. 22~24, 2019 Solvang, California


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Registration for The Solvang Gathering is now open.

Dates for this annual event, held in picturesque Solvang, California, are February 22-23-24, 2019. It's a wonderful weekend of friendship and fellowship for all sighhound owners. The town of Solvang opens it's doors wide for visiting greyhounds & sighthounds each year. To learn more about The Solvang Gathering please visit and join their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Solvang-Gathering-155551541146430/

For 2019 Solvang Gathering registration information and forms: https://tinyurl.com/y8otdp3l




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Wow! I thought that Solvang stopped this event....good to hear it is still on!


I think it had stopped but some loyal fans of the event are making it happen again. All the more reason to support it!


Camp Broodie. The current home of Mark Kay Mark Jack and LaVida I've Got Life.  Always missing my boy Rocket Hi Noon Rocket,  Allie  Phoenix Dynamite, Kate Miss Kate, Starz Under Da Starz, Petunia MW Neptunia and Diva Astar Dashindiva 


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