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Bad Tooth Possibly?

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What are symptoms of a bad tooth?? We have an appointment on Thursday with Vet. She eats hydrated raw so shes not having to chew hard kibble. She is doing this weird thing with her mouth, like her lip on her right side goes back like she has dry mouth. And also smacking lips. I found paperwork from her last dental 2 yrs ago that says, Uncomplicated crown fracture of the right mandibular fourth premolar tooth (408)-this is a fracture that goes deeper than the enamel and involves the dentin.

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Im suprised that tooth wasnt extracted. When the fracture involves the dentin it becomes a source of infection. The 408 tooth is the carnassial.

Tracy, I thought the same thing about extraction. It was done at UW Madison at their dental department. I have to look up the word carnassial. Lol.

I adopted a Grey once that had a split molar. The vet that checked him before adoption actually wrote it on his report. He cried and cried for the first day I had him. Took him to my vet and she pulled the tooth.

Was he better after the tooth was pulled??

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