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What Do You Add To Make Food Extra Yummy?


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What do you add to your grey's food to make it more yummy?


I put a whole chicken in a slow cooker with nothing else and cook it until it's falling off the bones. The best bits of meat I eat, the rest gets frozen and added to Grace's kibble in small amounts.

The juices from the cooked chicken I let cool, skim off the fat and freeze the rest in ice cube trays. I can then melt one and add add it to her food. This makes Grace's food however bland into a delicacy which she really enjoys to the extent that she tries to lick the pattern off her stainless steal bowl. :)

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I did the same thing. After I'd cooked some chicken in the Instant Pot, I put the the leftover bones back in with aromatic vegetables, water, and cooking juices and made bone broth. I keep it in a big, vintage Tupperware container in the fridge. At mealtimes, I pour it over kibble an microwave it for 30 seconds to bring it to warm. It's gone in an instant. :chow I'll usually skim cooking juices from any kind of not-spicy meat dish I'm cooking and keep it in the fridge. We also have a small plastic "Merc meat" container. Fatty scraps of meat go in there to be doled out in small amounts.


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Besides kibble, Sheba gets some canned chicken broth, cut green beans, pure pumpkin, and a bit of Pedigree ground beef or chicken. Not because she's a picky eater, she isn't, but because it's what she's eaten since I got her in 2009 and I don't want to change it if she likes it. Sometimes I bake some chicken liver treats but not that often.

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I spend hours every week making/cutting a HUGE variety of meats for (mostly Zeke, my picky eater) boyz.


Right now Zeke gets cooked ground pork and cooked beef (shank, pot roast, fat removed) and some raw liver pureed up with some water (warmed up) that I use to entice the already soaked kibble (usually in HM beef broth). His other raw food includes: beef tongue, liver, heart and hamburger, cubed beef (like rump roast, whatever's cheapest on sale), ground or cubed turkey meat; green tripe (his new favorite!), cottage cheese; ground/cubed lamb, lamb heart and lamb liver. Gets an occasional sardine too. A 1/2 to 3/4 cup of kibble each meal too (to hopefully catch any nutrition I missed with the raw, it's the Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein one $$$).


Larry gets some of the cooked pork and beef along with cooked chicken and some defrosted frozen veg (peas, carrots, mixed veg, etc) and either pumpkin, sweet tater or Olewo carrots and occasionally PIZZA CRUST!!! with a little water as a topper (heated up). He gets a little of whatever raw Zeke is having for that meal too, but Larry gets more kibble than other stuff.


it takes a good 10 minutes per day just building the toppers and Zeke's 2 raw plates.....

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I go with the no-salt-added tuna from Trader Joe's most nights on Logan's dinner food. For breakfast he gets a cup of TOTW, half cup of Bil-Jac, and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top.Sometimes add some bone broth to his dinner as well.


On the weekend, we often stop off at Panera's Bread on the way home from a walk in the park, I order a bagel/cream cheese and the salad with chicken, and ask to have the chicken on the side. The bagel and salad is my lunch, and the chicken goes on Logan's food. He loves that, though it is probably pretty salty it is only once or twice on a weekend.

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My June will eat anything (thx to the Prednisone)....


Sidney is much more finicky... I have to buy steak and I cut up little pieces I mix in with his kibble :flip

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