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Anti-Social Or Frightened?

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We have had our grey for about 2 months and she has been fabulous except on walks, particularly when we have to pass another dog. In the beginning when we would see other dogs ahead (even on the other side of the road) she would immediately stop and turn her back to the incoming dog. I almost hear her saying "i'm invisible, look away and that dog will just pass us" which I will stop and pet and reassure her that all is ok. Once the dog has passed us we can continue our walk. Well as you can imagine this makes our walks WAY too long and we live in a very dog friendly area with lots of greenways etc... But this week she's gotten to the point where if we previously saw a dog on "Street A" she now will not even walk down that street at all, even if we are the only ones on it? How can I get her to continue walking via positive reinforcement? Keep walking with a treat in my hand for her to smell but don't give it until we've passed the other dogs? I don't even care if get to the point of approaching other dogs I want to just be able to continue walking past them. Any suggestions would be great!!

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My Iker is like that. I finally realized that he was better off going for a walk at off hours or a different route. I walk him during quiet times and let him choose the route that makes him most comfortable. I learned this from a wonderful behaviourist and it's worked wonders.

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Yes, short term, I would try and switch routes and/or times for her walks. She may be slightly leash reative, or just not understand what those other dogs are. Many greyhounds, given their upbringing and training, have never seen another breed of dog until coming into their adoptive home. They can be either fear aggressive when meeting other dogs or very scared and anxious.


You can try luring with treats, but you'll need to have a *very* very very yummy and interesting treat to hold her interest. Try teaching her a "watch me" command at home when she's calm. Use short, positive training sessions with good yummy treats you only use for this training. Then, when you see another dog approaching, step to the side and use the command. Keep her attention until the other dog has passed.


She's been with you a really short time, so she's still in the settling in phase where she's learning to trust you and her new home. Give her ots of time and patience and you'll be rewarded in the end.

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My Tia came to me terrified of non-greyhound dogs and she reacted with aggression. What helped us was finding an obedience class where the trainer was willing to work with her. It was held in a large room and Tia and I worked at one end while everyone else was at the other end. The trainer would bring over other non-threatening dogs for Tia to meet (It is very hard to be scared of a newfie puppy) and slowly integrated us into the class. This combined with treats when we saw other dogs on our walks really helped.

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