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Food Suggestions For England, Europe, Australia


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Since most of us here on GT are from the US we can easily make suggestions for commercial foods, kibble and canned that work for us. But I was reminded again that we have many members who are NOT from around here! ;) who do occassionally need suggestions for different foods to try.


So hopefully our overseas members will see this thread and help me make a resource for those folks!


What do you feed your dogs? What do your greyhound friends, or the adoption group you got your dog from feed their dogs? Where do you go to find dog food? What works and what hasn't for you.


Do you have suggestions for special diets? Unique proteins and carb source foods? Low fat foods? Do you have prescription diets like Science Diet there?


Maybe we can get it pinned in the Food section if we can make it informative enough!


Thanks Everyone!

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I'm in the UK and I feed Grace "Pet Greyhound Food" from the Greyhound Trust.

It was developed by them with Dodson and Horrell and is specially formulated for retired greyhounds and costs £40 for 2 x 15 kg bags delivered.

Not only does Grace thrive on it but there are no bottom burps :fart


Greyhound Trust - https://greyhoundtruststore.com/products/pet-greyhound-food

Dodson and Horrell - https://www.dodsonandhorrellpetfood.co.uk/pet-greyhound

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I used to feed Ken the Dodson and Horrell Pet Greyhound Food too, and he also did well on it. However when he was diagnosed with mucocutaneous lupus I felt I should switch him to a grain free food, so he's now on the same maker's Autarky white fish and potato - and loves it. I buy it online - Feedem is a reliable supplier, and usually has the best deals.


The greyhound rescue he came from also now feeds grainfree - the Bailey's range from Surrey Pet Feeds, who help sponsor the kennels.


Greyhounds are usually served some kind of add-in with their food in racing kennels and greyhound rescues - traditionally some kind of simple meat and veg stew. Ken always loves this when he goes back for holiday kennelling - as soon as I take him in he starts making big eyes at whoever is stirring the vat! Here at home, my usual add-ins are a spoonful of plain yoghurt, plus a tin of sardines/ a raw egg/ a bit of leftover veg and meat stew.


When my previous greyhound Doc got old and skinny my vet said that the best way to maintain weight was a bit of extra protein - some raw, fatty mince and scrambled egg both proved very popular!


Most supermarket tinned dog food is best avoided - full of cereal and additives, if you read the labels. The only one I have used is Butcher's - stick to the original "tripe loaf" recipe tins, as that contains no cereal. Doc loved this, Ken doesn't care for it much. Forthglade do nice handy packs of frozen mince too, but they are not cheap.


Ken's favourite treats are the own-brand tripe sticks and pigs' ears from Lidl - reasonably priced and 100% natural, and the frozen goats' feet that I buy for him from our local halal butcher, £2 for 5. These look a bit gruesome -not just a foot, but the whole leg up to the knee - but he loves them best of all!

Clare with Tiger (Snapper Gar, b. 18/05/2015), and remembering Ken (Boomtown Ken, 01/05/2011-21/02/2020) and Doc (Barefoot Doctor, 20/08/2001-15/04/2015).

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This is the site to flag up for UK people thinking about dog food.




I'm presently feeding James Wellbeloved turkey & rice kibble (senior). Plus 1/4 tray of Forthglade Chicken & Tripe, and 1/4 can of Butchers chicken & tripe.

Because of teeth (or lack of) I need to moisten the kibble and that, Peggy says, 'spoils' it, hence the need to add some wet food.

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