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3 Toes And Limping

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Hi All,


I'm looking for some advice / personal experiences regarding my foster, as none of my grey's or other fosters have been in this situation.


He has had one of his load bearing toes amputated off one of his front paws (about a month ago i believe). I've noticed that when we go for a walk he'll start limping on that paw not long after we start and sometime he'll stumble, as that leg gives out briefly, every few walks. I've examined the paw for corns, cuts, foreign bodies and swellings etc but i've not seen anything abnormal.


Has anyone who's grey has had a weight bearing toe amputated experienced this? Im wondering if he's just getting used to it still or if its something to be concerned about.


I'm hesitant to initially go to the adoption agency until i've explored some options as they have new management who are very heavy handed at putting greys down that have minor issues, so i don't want to raise any flags with them.





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A month post-amp is still new in the healing process. Aiden lost a front foot weight bearing toe a month ago (linky) and he is still getting used to his new normal. A month post-amp is still new in the healing process. We've not seen the stumbling that your boy has displayed but we are not yet doing much in the way of road/pavement walks and are building up walk time on grass. Aiden wears a soft sock (www.dogbooties.com) during his walks but otherwise he is doing pretty well. Good for you for keeping an eye out for corns, etc. I would say to try to give it more time but if you need peace of mind sooner having him checked out by your grey-savvy vet is never a wrong call. Best of luck. Let us know how it's going.

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You might also try a supportive boot like a Therapaw to help him. It took out toe-amps a good 6 weeks to be totaly fine after the splint was removed, so it is early days yet for your foster.


You should also check the foot really well for forgotten stitches at the site of the amp. They can pull and cause pain, and need to be removed.

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