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Guest slothomatic

Hi all!

I have browsed these forums for a while, but never posted. I've loved reading about everyone's furry families and have learned so much by lurking. I'm looking forward to learning more by participating.


My family and I just lost our greyhound Brett this past weekend and I'm shocked by how quiet and empty my house is without him, considering he was virtually silent when he was here. Just goes to show how much quiet companionship can affect us. He gave us so much without doing a thing.


Brett was our first adopted racer. If we weren't in an apartment situation, we would have adopted more, I'm sure of it. Right now we are in the process of buying a house which opens up the opportunity for more dogs as well as the benefits of a proper fenced yard. Really, really looking forward to that!


It will be a few months before the house is ready for dogs, but in the meantime I hope to ask a million questions about fostering, and the benefits/pitfalls of getting 1 dog vs 2 at a time. And of course, I will enjoy reading about everyone else's greys while I am missing my own. :heart



PS Here's a link to a short video of Brett's amazing kibble catching reflexes: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkSiLI5AQX4/

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Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry to hear about Brett. He was a handsome boy and certainly had an interesting technique with kibble catching. :)


Rachel with Doolin, feline rivals Tootie and Richard, and squatter cats Crumpet and Fezziwig.
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I've only got the one and at times I wish I had a second but Grace's undivided love attention more than makes up for it.


Two greys might be more than twice the fun but then so are the bills. Twice as much food, vets bills (Grace has just had £2500 / $3283 worth of treatment), poop to clear up........

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I'm so sorry for your loss of Brett. Yes, the quiet ones can pack a lot of personality and affection into their presence. :grouphug


One of my dogs shares Brett's technique. Patiently wait for the kibble to hit him in the face, then eat it.


I always say that having 2 is definitely 2x the expense as 1, but 0x more trouble and 4x more fun. However, I've never brought in two at once so can't compare the experience to one at a time.


Ellen, with brindle Milo and the blonde ballerina, Gelsey

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Welcome, and thanks so much for sharing that adorable video - it made my day! :)


I'm sorry for your loss of Brett. Saying goodbye is so very hard.


I'm sure you'll be glad when you are settled in a house and can adopt a grey or two. We had two at a time for most of the time we had greys and I really liked having more than one. Definitely more expensive, but only minimally more work and I was always comforted that they weren't all alone when we weren't at home. Not that they probably cared, but it made me feel better anyway. :P

Jenn, missing Shadow (Wickford Big Tom), Pretty Girl (C's Pretty) and Tori (Santoria)

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I'm one that is in the camp that 2 isn't always better than 1 and likely not the norm.


It is not much more effort to take care of a second, it really isn't. Aside from food expenditures (and vet bills) nearly everything else they will do is in tandem. It's not much more effort to walk 2, it's not much more effort to play with 2, etc.


That said.....my first boy would have probably preferred to be a single dog the rest of his days. He was tolerant of a second. My boys were never besties (and as much as you might want them to be so, it's not something in your control). That being said, they did enjoy eachothers company, and this was very evident when I lost #1. Even thought they weren't best buds, #2 grieved #1's loss, even though they weren't cuddle buddies (nor were they bullies) but they were companions of one another - and that stands for something. Greyhounds really have a developed social network. They are raised with having other greyhounds around, and in a buddy environment. Having a second dog can really help around the house. My second boy was the bestest boy and knew his place because the first was running the house. #1 really taught #2. #1 was also a bit of a fun police, which restricted #2. But #2 learned how to be a dog in the house - learned all the ropes, and really shaped him. #2 became an alert dog to older #1, they really actually complimented one another. I could tell though that #2 wanted more attention and acknowledgment from #1 and #1 wouldn't have any of it. Which made me feel badly. #2 wanted nothing more than to be accepted and a part of the pack. Of course he was to the hoomins, but to the other dog he looked up to, he wasn't. This was just my experience. There are many others that differ here.


I would say that if you get 2 at the same time, it could be beneficial, because they are both entering the same neutral house. If you get #1 and assess and allow him time to adjust and then get #2, it could go either way. Just IMO.


Your Brett was special and it is great that you are considering the breed again, even better x2.


Best of luck and healing thoughts to your heavy hearts.

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