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Behavior Changes

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Hi all. Im super new to this community and greyhounds so my apologies if any of this is stupid or simple to more experienced owners.


We adopted our first retired greyhound just about a month ago. Hes a neutered (and house trained) 2.5 yo male. He had surgery for a broken leg that led to his early retirement.


When we first brought him home, he was the gentelist, most docile dog Ive ever encountered. I know stress/anxiety would make him a little subdued,so I wasnt concerned that he had no interest in toys or activities.


Every week, hes opened up more and more. Hes finally wagging his tail, playing, and exposing his belly, etc. but hes also acting out. Hes jumping on people, no matter how many times we correct him, hes chewing on wires, and his new favorite thing to do is wake us up in the middle of the night by whining and even BARKING (which he never does, even when people come into the house or other dogs are around, etc.)


We thought that maybe since hes on some medication for hook worms that he had a belly ache and needed to go out, but when I took him out he didnt poop and seemed to have no interest in being out there at all. He didnt stop panting or pacing and whining until I laid on the floor with him where he fell asleep.


Does he have anxiety? Is he bored? Is there a way to tell if the dog is in pain or stressed vs just wanting attention? If hes just bored or is looking to be pet, I want to nip this in the bud IMMEDIATELY...but if something is actually causing him to act this way, I dont want to ignore it.


Any input is helpful!!!

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:welcome2 to GreyTalk and the cult of the Hound!


My initial thought after reading your post is that he may have gastritis or other discomfort from the hookworms which may be causing the panting and pacing. Next thought is he needs more exercise. He's a young dog that needs to drain some of that energy. The "acting up" is happening precisely because he's got energy to spare, is feeling more confident at home and is exploring his world. Much like a human toddler, one way a dog explores his surroundings is by putting things in his mouth. Keep things that are inappropriate out of reach. Dog proof your home. Use baby gates. Use a crate if he's comfortable in it. Use Bitter Apple spray. Provide chews and chew toys. Caveat: Never leave a dog unsupervised with a chew. They can choke. Schedule an appointment with your vet to rule out health issues. When he jumps on you, turn around, cross your arms across your chest and ignore him or walk away until he settles down. I call this '4 on the floor' - all four feet on the floor - then praise and treat. Ask visitors to do the same if they're willing. Keep night lights on throughout the house. Is the house cold at night? Maybe he's cold and will feel better with a blanket or doggie jammies. I'm out of ideas for now. :) I promise it will get better. A month is a very short time for your dog to really settle in, learn the house rules and become his true self.

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Yes. As long as he's out of the cast and fully healed, he needs to get more exercise - a good long walk in the morning and the evening, or a good play session if you have a yard. A flirt or lure pole (ise Mr Google) is a great way to get them tired if you have the room for it. Many greyhounds will *chase* a ball, even if they won't bring it back once it stops moving :P And some people I know have used drones or RC cars to get their dogs moving.


It's going to be hard, but you need to ignore him when he wakes up at night. If he's up and panting and pacing he may be cold, or he may need a little snack right before bedtime to settle his stomach, particularly if his panting/pacing is early in the morning. Some greyhounds get a build up of acid, just like some people, and need a little more to ease the cramping and burning that comes along with it. You can also try an acid reducer like Pepcid (or generics). Make sure he's hookworm negative for THREE negative fecals, not just one. Otherwise, he may still be experiencing symptoms of infestation.


If you're keeping your house cooler due to summer temps he may need a blanket or jimjams so he stays warm on his bed.


Good luck and congratulations!!

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