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Toe Trouble

Guest Ululo

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Hi. I am new to Greytalk. Glad to find a place for discussing our beloved Greyhounds. My male hound chased something the other day and came home with the outer toe of his hindleg looking a little weird. I moved it around and it seemed like it could bent to the side with no restrain. The hound showed absolutely no sign of pain while I handled the toe. There is no swelling of the toe, no wound or anything and no popping or grinding sound. The only thing that looks weird is that the toe bends so easily to the side.

I have it bandaged now and keep the hound quiet. Can it be broken without any swelling?

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More likely dislocated.

Might want to go to the vet and let the vet show you how to put it back in place.

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I'd go with chronic dislocation too. The longer the toe stays out of joint the farther the ligament stretches, causing the toe to be constantly "loose" and more prone to dislocate. Eventually the ligament is so stretched the toe can't stay in the joint properly, and it just sort of flaps around. At that point, you may be looking at an amputation if the toe is bothering him. If it's not bothering him, you can just watch it closely, especially when he's playing hard.

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