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Water Intake?

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Rocket spends most of the day in the AC here. I usually fill a regular metal dog bowl 3 times a day. More if we are doing walks which we aren't right now due to heat.


Rocket is 85 lbs but he remembers 73, a very long time ago. :flip


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This came up with Ken initially: he wanted to gulp down water in big quantities, especially when feeling nervous. The vet and I decided that possibly he had had to compete for it as a puppy/ while in training. It didn't help that he initially also had a persistent bladder infection, which it took several rounds of antibiotics to shift. Nothing wrong now though he is still a bigger drinker than Doc ever was.


I had to keep a water diary and measure his daily consumption, for the vet to check. The calculation that vets use is that "Normal water consumption usually will not exceed approximately 90 ml/kg/day in dogs." Ken's fell within this parameter in fact, even when he had the infection.


There is a lengthier article about the figures and the basic formula here: http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/ins-and-outs-polyuria-and-polydipsia


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there are published stats of what is a normal intake. some research should provide the formula. i quick found this: dog should drink between ½ and 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day.


a couple of things can be increasing h20 intake- a dog will drink to fill their gut when hungry. one can try feeding them 3xs a day and see if there is a change. felix was drinking 3xs the normal amount for his 74# weight. we treated him 2xs for diabetes incipidus and the symptoms then vanished.(used old fashioned vasopressin tannate). very strange....as long as the water consumption decreased.


we did a complete check of his urine. perfectly normal, just dilute.


it's a pain to measure the consumption. but we did it....almost. one needs to measure the output as well. i got up in the middle of the night to let felix out to pee and forgot to collect it. you need both in and out put and allow for respiration while playing. it's fill and measure the bowl every time they drink unless you leave a huge pre-measured vat out and measure when dry if they are really drinking that much. keep the toilet bowl lids down!

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