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Poodle Mix Food Issues

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My Jesse is a horrible eater, always has been. The last couple of months, we have resorted to feeding her boiled chicken breast only, and a multivitamin. Now I know this isn't nutritionally sound, so I went to a specialty store and they asked me all kinds of questions and she said it sounded like she may be allergic to chicken.......of course, they only thing we were feeding her. I bought a turkey based new food for her, and she will not eat it. Going on 3 days now, and I bet she hasn't eaten 1/2 cup. She chews her feet, and her black coat is very dull. She also vomits a lot. All testing has been done, nothing is wrong.

She has not vomited since changing, but I know this food does not make her happy. I even bought the canned version of the turkey, but she has never liked canned food, even as a puppy. I even tried feeding her raw, and she wanted nothing to do with that.


Have any of you tried Victor ? I asked about what to do on a Facebook forum for feeding, and many said this food is wonderful. Several suggested the GF Lamb for her, which has no chicken, soy, wheat or corn.

There are so many to choose from, my head is spinning. I need this girl to EAT.

Open to any ideas, and yes, I know I have asked you this before, and I can assure you I have tried 99% of what was suggested.

Thank You

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I use Victor Yukon Valley Salomon & sweet potato for my old boy He was having a hard time with foods with chicken but is doing well on this. I used other Victor foods for other dogs before & they served us well. One good thing about this food is that Prince does not have "fishy breath". Give is a try.

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