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Yucca As A Supplement

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i was wondering if anyone was using yucca as a supplement, if so liquid or capsule? the beneficial claims are excellent. both the greyhound gang raves(it was sold out last year at GIG) . if you are using it, what form, how much, results? it's bitter how are you administering it? how long before reducing the dose?



here are a couple of links for those of you who are interested in more info






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I used it for years on Goldie. I put whatever the dosage was for his weight in a little tiny cup divided into a AM & PM dose and mixed it with a good large size of pure honey. Stir it up in the little cup and he would eat it mixed in with the honey. I think it worked great and he had a serious bone chip that they could not remove and some sort of other terrible orthopedic injury from something and it seemed to really help him. I think the reason you don't hear much about it anymore is that nobody thinks about it as they are all to busy talking about the newest one to come out. Now I mostly use Duralactin (microlactin ~$15 for a whole jar fof the tasteless powder from Swanson) as it works well too and is easier to dose since it is tasteless. It is also 100% safe which is why I use it and not the other chemical NSAIDS.

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looks like it's out of stock on amazon Racindog, please tell me more!

I got mine from Solid Gold but I don't know if they still carry it or not. I just believe it is important to be sure it comes from a quality place because otherwise heaven forbid it could come from heaven knows where. I have purchased some items from here(Mountain Rose Herbs) and they seem to be of fine quality: https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/search?page=1&q=yucca&utf8=%E2%9C%93

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looks everyone is out of the powder! solid gold doesn't carry it anymore! only liquid seems to be available. if i stick anything else down his throat i'm going to jump out the window. cheese or peanut butter are not working. i've always pilled my dogs but we are getting clamp mouth these days. 12 pills a day is past his limit! will continue to search but other things are kicking in....it's called old age. we all age differently.

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We used powdered yucca during post-chemo treatment for Dude and it seemed to work well for him (this was 2011). You might check into tumeric if you want a natural antiinflammatory, depending on what else he is taking.

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