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A New Tick Threat Has Been Found In 8 American States

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Posted as an FYI. No known diseases in the US from them yet according to the article, but they are known to carry numerous diseases where they originated overseas.


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Afraid to go outside? Agoraphobic? You are more likely to be killed in your home than anywhere else....

Tick Solution: pave over your lawns, build a water feature moat, never walk near anything green. Coat yourselfs in a mix of vaseline and pyrethrins. Carry a flame thrower. Shave yourself and your dogs, and inspect hourly.

Home solution: Sorry, can't help you there. Other than never going home, yours or anyone elses...Even a hermit cave has the occasional falling rock... Live on the beach, dying from shark attack has a very low probability. So stay in the water a lot. Keep looking up for falling objects tho. Watch out for box jellyfish brougtht to the USA by tanker ballast water, also a new phenomina cuase by knee jerk over-regualtions..


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I'm pretty convinced ticks, or rather TBDs are going to be our demise. :P


Seriously though, I had heard about the incident in NJ. Scary to see they're spreading like they are, including to my state. :(


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Yep. Ticks suck.

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Supposedly our native opossum likes to eat ticks. Or get some guinea fowl to peck around the yard. :bgeorge

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