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My greyhound Connie lived in peace and harmony with Lola, our other greyhound. Lola was much older, and unfortunately crossed over the bridge 2 weeks ago. On our daily walks, Connie would growl at any dog that came near her. I never let it go any further than that; I would make her step back. Now that she's alone, I would like to try again to teach her to like hanging out with other dogs, or at least greeting them on walks without an issue. She is very sweet with people.

Like I said, I never let it get past the growling, so I don't know what would happen next. Would you recommend a muzzle for her if I plan on trying to interact with another dog? I was wondering if a muzzle makes them more fearful because they can't defend themselves?? We have nice dog parks and beaches here, and it seems like life for her could be much more fun if she could go.

Thanks for reading this and I welcome any replies. :)

PS. I am not someone who takes risks, so I would undertake this very carefully.

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So sorry about Lola.


What have you tried with Connie? Sweep is the same way with other dogs (except greyhounds), but I've been working with her a couple years now on "look at me," distracting her with treats when we pass another dog. She's come a long way. Now she looks at me for the treat instead of paying attention to the dog. I know that's not quite what you're asking, but that's as far as my efforts go. I don't try to force anything. I just figure some dogs are introverts like some people are. I don't enjoy interactions with strangers and my dog doesn't either (unless they're human, in which case she's all over them!). I would be wary of the muzzle because unless all the dogs involved are wearing them, she'd be unable to defend herself in the event of an altercation.


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Search here for threads on "leash reactivity" and pick up Patricia McConnell's book "Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash Reactive Dog."

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My old boy Django would go (insert vulgar description of unruly behaviour) when he saw other dogs that weren't greyhounds, but I successfully used the treat distraction method. We were also able to walk with other dogs after this training method if we started out behind them and then gradually caught up. Good luck!

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Neither of my greyhounds has had even faint interest in "meeting" other dogs that aren't greyhounds. Eating maybe.


Don't assume your dog wants to be social with other dogs just because her pack mate is gone. If she didn't like other dogs before, no reason to think she will now.


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My deepest sympathy on Lola crossing over. :grouphug

IMO you should not try and force Connie to socialize with other dogs if she doesn't want to. I know your intentions are good but she is clearly telling you by growling that she doesn't want to and that it stresses her. It could backfire and make her much more stressed and upset! Either Connie just plain doesn't like or want to be social with other dogs or there is a reason/something that caused it. Regardless it is what it is and cannot be reliably changed. No way would I take Connie to a dog park(talk about stressing her out!) and by all means she should be muzzled around other dogs that are also muzzled. Connie is what she is and that is good! It is possible that she may live happily and peacefully with another packmate so it don't mean you have to isolate her by any means. But if you stress her more by trying to make her a social butterfly so to speak it could lead to even worse problems. She is happiest being like she is. That is why she growls at the other dogs. She does not WANT to socialize with them. Luring her around other dogs would also likely make it worse because as soon as the treat is gobbled down she finds herself way to close to the other dogs in a very uncomfortable position that she would never have allowed herself to get into had she not been distracted with the lure. Connie is great the way she is. Allow her the respect and freedom to chose how much SHE wants to comfortably socialize- you would not succeed in changing her anyway. There's quite a bit of info here for free if you want to check it out: http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/behavior-and-health


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My greys, like Susan's, tend to be a bit breed prejudice. If you are going to introduce, then yes, muzzle - but the other dog should be muzzled too so she is not vulnerable. If she is with much smaller dogs, the muzzle for them is less critical, but she most definitely should have one.


But it's really rare that mine are ever with any other breed - and JJ is highly reactive to other dogs when he is on a leash - less so off leash - and him being attacked by a loose dog made it worse, of course, so we just don't push it.


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thank you for all the advice! before i read it all, i had started to do the training in the book. (command, attention, treat...)

she took to it right away, and it made her very excited to go on walks now! we live in a small condo neighborhood that allows

2 dogs each, so it's impossible to go on walks without running into several dogs. her demeanor around other dogs seems

much more mellow that it used to be. maybe it's due to a different pack dynamic. don't know. but giving treats doesn't hurt. :)

you guys are right though, i should not force her into any interaction she doesn't want. i will take my cue from her.

again, much thanks for advice and condolences.



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