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New hound here. Toffee is 4 1/2 last raced in April. Two weeks at a foster and Hes been with us a little over a month. Weve never crated him, he sleeps at the foot of our bed. Two issues were looking for any suggestions.


1. If we leave him longer than 3-4 hours he poos in the floor. Usually by the door. We leave toys, Kong, toys and the tv on. Weve gated him in our utility room where he eats with the same outcome. He doesnt pee in the house except, again, when hes been alone and the minute we come home he pees as well as chatters and bows and generally saying how happy he is were home. Hes walked twice in the mornings once before eating when he poos and pees. Then breakfast and a nap then a walk about 30 minutes before I leave for work when he generally goes both again. Ive been rewarding poo outside with his all time favorite treat a marshmallow.


2. On walks, he seems only interested in doing his business. Once hes peed and pood hes ready to come back in. He will sniff and mark some, but doesnt go on long walks unless accompanied by my daughters dog. He will statue and you have to strongly encourage him to walk on, and he will do that over and over until you take him in. He definitely has a mind of his own.


Ive talked to the adoption group and theyve suggested crating to see if that helps, but I hate to put all 85 pounds of him in one. Especially for 6 hours. Hes a big goofy boy that is settling in well otherwise.

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Last things first - another marshmallow will encourage him to move on when he starts statueing. You might want to switch to mini marshmallows to cut down on the sugar he's getting.


First thing- getting a longer, more tiring walk will help with his separation anxiety and house training. If he's usually clean all day when you're home, or overnight, then it's probably a separation anxiety thing rather than house training. If you're having to take him out every 2 hours still because he needs to go, then it's house training.


If it's separation anxiety, and he's fine for the first 3-4 hours (lays quietly, no barking or whining, not destructive), then you need to look further for what's bothering him around that time - a strange noise or sound, a truck going by, a neighbor making noise outside, a delivery or the mail coming). If he poops right as you are getting home, it may be because he's getting too excited for your homecoming, and he needs some further work on his alone training.


If he's still having issues with his house training you might look into a dog walker or someone who can come let him out *before* he poops in the house. Get some of the washable (human) bed protectors and set them out where he usually has his accidents to protect your floors or rugs.


Creating may or may not work and you won't know until you try. Since they are the ones suggesting it, ask your adoption group if they can loan you a crate large enough for your boy so you don't have to buy one until you know if it's the right solution or not.


Make the crate a good, safe place for him, not a punishment. Set it up and leave all the doors open, letting him explore it on his own time. Feed him his meals in the crate, treat him when he's laying quietly in it. If he fights the crate, or defecates/urinated in the crate, you might as well leave him out as it will be less messy.


The book by Patricia McConnell "I'll Be Home Soon" is a great resource for helping your dog learn to stay home alone.


Good luck.

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Personally I think it's the "gated into our utility room" bit that's making him poo, and I bet if you stick him in a crate now, it'll get worse.


He's an adult. Dog proof the house, give him more exercise in the morning, and let him loose. If it fails, you can always go back to what you're doing, but that's not really working so...




Have had two greyhounds so far. They both hated their crates. One immediately, and one tolerated it for a whole day before he said "enough!"


Best wishes!


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I thought I’d post a follow up on our grey. After some experiments what has helped Toffee the most is 3mg of melatonin a day and two “compose” (L-thiamine) chews about an hour before we leave for work. We still gate him into a contained area (tile floors) with toys, a Kong and some country music. We used a monitor so we could watch and find that he stays occupied with his Kong for about 45 minutes then alternates napping with watching out the full view glass of the door. We’ve been over a week without either soiling or a puddle when we get home. Leaving him a total of about 6 hours a day.

We were reluctant to “medicate” Toffee but really the melatonin and the chews don’t alter his alertness and he seems much happier. Even in his daily interaction with us he’s happier. His tail is up and waging and he plays much more. Walks are much more extensive and he’s much more adventurous in strange locations. Many thanks to all of you.

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