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Shaking Legs After Running

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That can even happen to me after over-exercizing! It takes a while for the electrolytes to balance themselves back right. Glucose needs to get there too and dehyrdataton can be involved. What a sensible girl Stella is, not running thru it like a crazy athlete.

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how old is stella?

state of her physical condition? is she well conditioned and muscular or just an occasional runner?

what type of daily exercise does she get?


all of these must be taken into account before thinking that some thing is terribly wrong. a dog who only does walkies will shake after running hard, they are not used to it. let's look into physical conditioning before anything else. humans are not capable of quick sprinting when out of shape. but due to having 4 legs dogs can do it.

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Stella is 7.5 and in great physical shape. A little thin maybe,shes not a great eater on a daily basis and sometimes skips meals. She weights 71lbs. On work days we walk about 15mins in the morning and after work, we go out for 10 mins walks as often as she likes. Sometimes 4 or 5 times. She likes to sprint and run in fast circles at the dog park every few weeks.

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Maybe cramps...but they usually yelp when cramping after a run. Could just be muscle fatigue. Make sure there's no blood in the urine after a hard work-out.


Rhabdomyolysis, Tying-up, Monday morning disease. This acute exertional myopathy of racing Greyhounds and working dogs is characterized by muscle ischemia secondary to exercise or excitement.

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Muscle fatigue. That's not a lot exercise. 2- 4 miles walking per day and running at the dog park 2-3 times a day is what she most likely needs. my dogs did amount and daily games of catch at that age unless it was beastly hot and humid. At 11.5 with failing kidneys felix is walking almost 2 miles a day if it's not hot and he still plays daily.


Sorry to sound abrupt but unless there is a medical issue dogs, especially GH, need to really exercise.

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