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Limping And A Lump...

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Our 11 year old male started limping yesterday. We noticed a soft jiggly mass on the back of his front left "elbow." Over a few hours the leg started swelling. It's now swollen from elbow to wrist along with the soft mass at the elbow, limping persists. We are quite sure it's not a hygroma after consulting with our vet remotely, as those should not be painful. There was no known trauma and I haven't heard any screaming in the last few days so the cause of this is really unknown. I'm driving him out to the vet this evening but am wondering if anyone has any ideas as I sit here and worry... Thank you for any input!

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Bug bite? Sounds like he's having a reaction to something if he's swelling. Can you see any fang marks from a spider? Or a stinger?

I can't see anything but he's very reactive about it. Given that we will be at the vet tonight I've decided not to mess with him too much and upset both of us in the process. Last summer he did have something, maybe a stinger, in the top of his foot that led to a similar (but worse) infection with swelling so thank you for putting that back on my radar.

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Did you try benedryl?

Not yet, vet has us giving vetprofen until she examines him. Fingers crossed for simple solutions like this!

Sounds like a spider bite I had this spring.

Ouch! So this guy has bad luck he spends the least time outside of all three dogs (2 greyhounds and 1 doodle)

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Let us know what happens. Gentle skritches.

There were no external causes like bites or stings. The swelling in his leg is blood that is pooling from an unknown source. Based on bruising, somewhere between his elbow and armpit area. Our fantastic vet suspects a muscle tear but was perplexed because she couldn't actually find it by touch. We are treating symptoms and preventing infection and hoping for the best. If he's not improving in a few days the next step is an X-ray to rule out an osteo related bone crack (apparently this blood pooling presentation is consistent with that, but his pain reactions to extensive manipulation were not). Thanks to all for your replies!

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Sweep had a similar jiggly "goose egg" on her elbow a couple of years ago. We came home to her limping and in a matter of less than an hour her leg looked like this:






She was clearly very uncomfortable so we took her to the e-vet, and they couldn't find a definitive cause, though there was a small puncture mark on that leg that may or may not have been related. She got antibiotics and painkillers and soon the swelling had redistributed throughout the leg:




After a couple of days of meds and rest, she was back to normal. Hope you'll have the same experience! Keep us posted.

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If the jiggly mass ruptures you may well have a spider bite. Percy got bit by a black widow. We *think* we saw a puncture at the time. Didn't really bother him. By day 2 it had ruptured and oozed blood and clear fluid. Vet ok'd benadryl. Other than some skin sloughing off and trying to prevent licking, it wasn't much of a problem.


Hope it's an easy fix for your boy.


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Hi I am new to this forum and desperately trying to find answers for my greyhound. But the above picture is exactly what he develped 3 days ago. Like to a T, but he did experience the screaming when touched. He is my 8 yo cuddle bug. After three days, he is still at the emergency ICU becuase he aslo had a high fever and was very lethargic with a couple of hours of this all starting. Vet still doesn’t have a good answer for me as to the cause. No puncture wounds or bites. Labs are fairly ok. But now the swelling edema is all in his limp, he has weeping ulcers, and his belly and chest and underside are all bright red and edenemous too. Almost like blood or fluid is pooling. It is scary and heartbreaking because I feelnlike a sitting duck and just waiting. He is on fluid and Doxycycline just in case it is tick borne. But I am at a loss and just looking to find some guidance or if other greys have had this and their diagnosis so that I can bring this to the vet’s attention. I just feel helpless with sad that my cuddle bug is going though this and we have no direction or answers.

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Oh my word. My heart goes out to you. You might want to start a new topic -- more folks will see it. Best thoughts for your pup.

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