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Gentle Shaking?

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I've noticed lately that Tracker, 11.5, will tremble ever so slightly when standing. It's not noticeable to the naked eye. This does NOT happen after physical exertion (which he doesn't do anymore anyway). It's just from standing there, not even after walking a bit. It's not always, just here and there. As far as I can tell, it doesn't happen while he's lying down. He'll see the vet this Friday anyway, so I'll ask then, but if anyone has any suggestions in the meantime, it would be appreciated.

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Sounds like he might be in pain or feeling some weakness. Time for a wellness check. Hope it’s nothing more than “accumulated youth”.

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He has a history of hind end weakness, so the trembling is probably coming from the same source. The vet said it could be oodles of things. The only way to really find out is via MRI or CT scan, and even then a cure may be elusive, so I figured why subject the dog to all this. He's on 60mg of Galliprant a day, which helps. Maybe the best to just go up in dosage once he gets much worse; we'll see.

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Hind end weakness sounds like LS and he could really benefit from gabapentin! There is a simple test, not definitive, but if you lift the tail, take the end of a pen and gently trace a half circle on the left side of the anus. Then the right. See if he has a reaction (basically fluttering of the anus sides) to the touch and if the reactions are similar or less intense on one side. It is a real laymans way to see if there is a nerve reaction.

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