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Hot Summer - Horrible Fleas!

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For us in the UK it's turning out to be one of those 'once in 20 years' hot summers when it gets up to 90 outside and refuses to drop below 75 inside. (most of us don't have ac.) For poor old Peggy it certainly isn't the best of times having to stay inside from about 9.30am to 9.30pm when the sun's just gone down every day. I've got a couple of fans going in my room where Peggy stays most of the time with tea towels pegged to them which I periodically mist in order to get 2 or 3 degrees more cooling. That's something I at least control to a point.....


But it's Fleas which are spoiling everything and I didn't even know she had them until the vet, very politely, pointed out the flea dirt on her skin. I'd taken her in because she was scratching towards her ear far too often with one back leg and i couldn't see anything wrong with the ear and concluded it was most likely an older-dog neuro or spinal issue. It was the kind of scratching that would nearly make her fall over, just like that reflex you can stimulate in them when you rub their neck. Hmmmm... let's treat those fleas shall we.... my bad!


So in goes an injection of Dexafort for the itchiness, down goes a big tablet of Simparica Pal for the fleas and possible ticks, and back home we go. Some 3 or so hours later all hell breaks loose on the itching front, with both back legs scratching at full force, ears being flapped like crazy, then being rubbed along the ground. Poor dog! I called the vet again and was told to give 4mg human Piriton to calm her down and reassured that the fleas would be dead by tomorrow. I certainly hope that's going to be the case in all this heat.


A few days ago I bathed her with an anti-itch shampoo and I'd swear I didn't see a single flea! So there's the warning... check your dogs with a flea comb before they take over!


Oh and the washing machine has been on 3 times on hot cycle with all the dog bedding etc. I expect i'll need to get some of that Indorex spray that kills the larvae indoors too. :headwall Fleas!!!

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Oh yes, we are on year round preventative here. Frontline and its successors have been a godsend for us in the South. Don't forget to sweep and vacuum (hoovering, is that still used?), and launder your bed too, they like to hide there. Also, spray the garden if you have one. Good luck, I feel your pain and Peggy's itchies.

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