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Help! My girlfriend and I adopted our greyhound last August. We didnt have any separation or anxiety issues until a few weeks ago when we returned from a 5 day vacation. We had a dog sitter stay in our house and he seemed normal but a few days after we returned he started having somewhat serious anxiety issues. Hes had issues at night after we go through our normal nighttime routine and are sleeping he demonstrates signs of stress mostly standing by our bed and panting. Hes also developed separation anxiety: scratching doors, accidents in the house (for the first time) etc. We took him to the vet and there are no physical problems. Weve tried a thunder shirt but it hasn't seemed to make a difference at night and we have returned to crating him when we leave during the day. I am obviously concerned about his anxiety and want to avoid medication (we also are unable to adopt a second greyhound based on our apartment rules) but am also concerned about this sudden development almost a year after adoption. Any ideas or help would be most appreciated.

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What did your vet do/look for?


Have you talked to the sitter about anything that might have scared him? Or did anything happen in those first few days home? Really bad storms, construction noise, fireworks, etc?


Why are you hoping to avoid medication? You could try OTC calming options first. DAP (collar or diffuser) and Zylkene are good ones to start with, but if those don't help ajd things aren't improving with a return to your normal routine, you may be better off doing medication sooner than later. Often people wait, the dog becomes sensitized or more anxious and then you have a bigger problem.


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If your dog had an infection, would you avoid giving him antibiotics? There's no reason to not give him medication just because his "issue" is anxiety rather than an infection. A dog's mental health is as important and crucial as a humans.


I would have a detailed and in depth talk with your pet sitter about what may have happened while you were gone. Then get some DAP diffusers (and perhaps a collar), and start over again from the beginning with adapting him to being alone - as if he were a new dog in the house. Do Alone Training, get him sufficient exercise to tire him out, leave on a TV or radio. Read Patricia McConnell's "I'll Be Home Soon" of you need a refresher on helping him.


And if that doesn't get him over the hump and back into balance, talk with your vet about a short course of anti anxiety medication. It's not a miracle cure, or a crutch. It just puts their mind in a state where they can accept de-conditioning more readily.

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