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Manuka Honey For Ibd

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I took in 2 senior fosters in October. The male has anxiety issues that manifest in diarrhea. He's getting trazadone for the anxiety

(which is helping) but I have learned that when his poo gets "mushy", there's a bad spell coming on. So far, a couple of Metro500

helps head it off. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used Manuka honey to calm the tummy/intestinal tract. Seems logical to me.

I'd rather use that if I thought it would help. TIA for any experience/advice

Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.

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I have not for my girl, but several GTers have done so with good results. IMO it's worth a try as long as his symptoms are controllable.


I also use this herbal supplement which we originally received from a chinese herbal specialist to help with Lilly's anxiety.


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