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Licking Paw

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Guest MissEcho1

Yesterday on our morning walk, I removed a cactus spine from my greys front left paw. I thought that was the end of it. Tonight I noticed her licking her paw quite a bit. I took a closer look and discovered a small open cut o the side of her paw pad. It is a very small cut. Can you help me figure out a way to help it heal? At this point it doesnt seem like a trip to the vet is in order, but of course that is an option if it doesnt get better soon.

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A soak in warm water with Epsom salts often will draw out a splinter, even below the surface.


Easiest way might be to soak a washcloth, put the cloth into a plastic bag and then put her foot in the bag and hold it there as long as she'll allow it.

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