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Symmetric Lupoid Onyxhodystrophy

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​My friend has a beautiful greyhound named Bree that I fostered when she first came off the track. However, she now has this ailment - see topic title. At first, the vet thought that Bree had Lupus, because all of her toe nails fell off and she was in pain. She was treated with medication. The nails grew back and my friend thought all was well. Not so. Now Bree tripped over the step on her way into the home, and her nails bled like crazy. Whereas before, the blood was not reaching the nails, now the blood is surely pumping. The vet told my friend that Bree would have to be on antibiotics for the rest of her life, and the monthly charge runs into THOUSANDS of dollars.


​Has anyone heard of this disease? If so, do you have any information on how to find a treatment, antibiotic, that is reasonably priced, or any other information that could help my friend and Bree.


​Many thanks.



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It's a fairly common greyhound ailment. Enough that there is a good group for it on FB which has a ton of information and supportive members. Worth it for her to join FB if she's not on it yet.

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Not sure why the quote of thousands-slo is a rather inexpensive treatment. Standard treatment usually requires essential fatty acids,

niacinamide (NOT niacin) and tetracycline (now doxy or Minocycline). Sometimes a short course of pred is recommended to reduce the immediate inflammation.

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